Sunday, March 3, 2013

It's got to be tough when the Mayor of Vancouver is an outright liar.

It's just a damned shame, really.

A political career, soon to be snuffed out, that started with such promise.

Now, desperation is starting to sink in. Desperation that the CRC is over,.  Desperation that the bridge contractor this slimeball is working for will lay him off when the senate kills the CRC funding and he gets crushed for re-election.  Desperation that the voters will kick his ass to the curb just like he kicked his lie-from-the-beginning-tolls-scam to the curb as soon as he could.

I'm hearing that Leave-it already knows it's over... that the money ain't moving out of the Senate any time real soon and the fed window is going to slam shut on his dreams of screwing us... Leave-it wandering around the senate, BEGGING those people to move the money.

How's it feel, Timmy?

I know it ain't happening.  In fact, the best is yet to come.  Maybe you know that as well... but to lie in writing?  To lie about the positions of key senators concerning tolls?  What kind of a moron are you, anyway?

Well, THAT is just, plain, Stupid.

With a capital S.

Here's how that works:

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Good Morning,

Below is an exchange of Emails between Hiz Honor Mayor,” I was against bridge tolls before I was for them”  Leavitt, Yours Truly, Senator’s Don Benton, and Ann Rivers.  

In response to my Did You Know #2 Exposing the True Cost of Bridge Tolls, Hiz Honor found it necessary to advise me in Capital Letters that Senator Don Benton and Senator Ann Rivers (both Republicans) supported Bridge Tolls.  It is amazing how some politicians change their spots after being elected.  The Good Mayor must have forgotten that during Governor Chris’  run for Governor Hiz Honor, clinging to the coat tails of well know Republican Dino Rossi, he was pretending to be a Republican.  I can still see him at a fund raiser introducing Dino Rossi. 

As you can see from Senator’s Benton’s email sent 2/28 at 4:24 PM and Senator River’s email sent 2/28 at 5:27 PM, they have made it quite clear that they do not support Bridge tolls or the CRC as currently proposed.

 Next Hiz Honor appeared with his email of 2/28 to chastise the senator by asking them to return some of the tax dollars Vancouver sends to Olympia.  Actually, Hiz honor would have more dollars to fix our roads and highways if he and his current Gang of 4 and his predecessor did not waste our hard earned tax dollars on boondoggles such as the financially failing Hilton Hotel and Convention Center, eight financially failing publicly owned parking garages, and outrageous property tax kickbacks to developers in the form of tax breaks.

Next in his BTW sent on 2/28 at 5:23 PM email Hiz Honor attempts to take me to the Woodshed because
a.    I am a conservative
b.    Stating that I refused to answer his question:

(a)    Would I prefer an increase in sales tax, property tax or business tax?  You’re Honor that is like asking someone if they have stopped beating their wife.  

Mayor Leavitt I am somewhat older than you and can recite chapter and verse of why Revenue Enhancement (taxes to us non-politicians) must be increased.   I can also  answer or state with certainty that Infrastructure Investment does not, has not and will not over the long haul create permanent  jobs. It has been a failure ever since FDR tried it.  Once the boondoggle is complete the jobs go away and you ‘spend and tax, to create more jobs. BTW didn't you just agreed to sell one parking garage valued at 3 million tax payer dollars for 1 Million and are planning on building 5 more if you are successful in bringing Portland’s Financially Failing Light Rail Gravy/Crime to Vancouver.   As for tolls you apparently did not read the email that started this chain of emails, the True Cost of Tolls. It will be excessive. 

Your Honor, I  think that I have answered your questions.  Would you be so kind and answer mine? 

a.    Why can’t the bridge be built without Light Rail?
b.    If congestion is a problem (it is not in my opinion) why not build a 3rd bridge?

And finally, your 2/28 5.44 PM email sent to Senator Ann Rivers (R)  thanking  her for setting me straight on her position on bridge tolls.  I knew what her position was; you apparently are the one who was unaware of her position. 

As for  three years of community engagement, technical studies, independent expert reviews, and approval from the Feds. Community engagement has not been with the people. It has been between members of the Spend and Tax Crowd.  We, the people, have been excluded from two- way conversations. Our no votes have been ignored;    Forensic information provided by Tiffany Couch has been ignored. Failure to communicate with the United States Coast Guard has been a disaster. And although Federal Funding has not yet been secured, approximately 200,000 million dollars has already been spent without proper accounting and transparency.   

And, yes, I have read Senate Bill 5502.  I have to agree with Senator Benton.  Just in case Light Rail proponents ram light rail and bridge tolls down our throats Senate Bill 5502 will at least save some money for those of us on this side of the river.  BTW your honor it would be nice if you would read our Initiative Petition, allow our petition to be placed on the ballot and “Let The People Decide”.

My sincere thanks to Senators Benton and Rivers for listening to what the people are saying.

And so it goes,

Larry Patella
CDR USN (ret)

Please Read the Email exchange:
From: Leavitt, Tim []
Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2013 12:51 PM
To: Local Mailing List
Subject: Re: Stop Light Rail the Gravy/Crime Train

Larry -

DID YOU KNOW...that Senator Don Benton and Senator Ann Rivers (both Republicans), support tolling?


Local Mailing List <> wrote:
(Mailing list information, including unsubscription instructions, is located at the end of this message.) __

Good Morning,



Although we are repeatedly told that the CRC's Light Rail Platform will cost us 3.5 Billion Dollars, CRC already has a plan in place to pay for the 5.5 Billion in tolls. Below you will see a list of components, like State Contributions and Federal Dollars, but note that their own tolling revenue schedules are planning for 3.3 billion in toll collections.  


Total Capital Cost (Cost to Construct)                $3. 507, 000, 000
Total additional Cost (Interest, Repairs, etc.)      $2, 032, 305, 306

Total Anticipated Project Cost                            $5, 539, 305, 396 (total over 30 years)


State of Washington                                          $   450, 000, 000.00
State of Oregon                                                $   450, 000, 000.00
New Start Grant                                                $   850, 000, 000.00
Federal Discretionary                                        $   400, 000, 000.00   (Non-existing program)
TOLLING REVENUES                                          $3, 353, 969, 345. 00 (Per CRC Finance Plan)

Total Anticipated Funding Sources                       $5, 503, 969, 345.00 

To give you some idea as to how much Bridge Tolls will INCREASE OVER THE YEARS, you need to take a look at the CRC Debt Service Schedule. 

Starting in 2019 when tolls are expected to begin, the Net Yearly Tolling Starting at $62, 373, 695 .00 will, without voter approval and annual increases, grow to $109, 676, 530. 00 being picked from your and or your children's/grandchildren's pockets in the year of 2054. 

Over that period of time the spend and tax pocket pickers will have picked $3,353,969.345 Billion dollars out of your pockets.

It could get worse.  With Historical Cost Overruns of 30 to 200 % it is my personal opinion that total cost of the CRC could reach $10 billion or more dollars

with your help we can stop the wasteful spending of your hard earned tax dollars to build a Multi-Billion Dollar Light Rail Platform.  You can help us get your Stop Light Rail Initiative Petition of the Ballot. 

Currently Our Stop Light Rail Petition is under review by the Kelso, Washington Superior Court. We need your help in getting it through the court systems. 

If you want to keep the Pocket Pickers out of your pockets and keep down town Vancouver from being destroyed Please send a donation to your Legal defense fund. 

Make your check Payable to:
“Legal Defense For Stop Light Rail Initiative (Stephen Pidgeon), and mail it to Debbie Peterson, P.O. Box 872204, Vancouver WA 98687.

And so it goes,

Larry Patella
CDR USN (ret)

From: LM Patella []
Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2013 1:52 PM
To: 'Leavitt, Tim'
Cc: '';
Subject: RE: Stop Light Rail the Gravy/Crime Train


NO I did not, I will personally with this email ask them.   But I don’t.  As  most people in Clark County do not.  But that is not the issue,  the issue is why are the people being lied to?  There is a lot of difference between 3.5 billion and 5.3 billion along plus Cost Over runs.  Why are you afraid to  let the people decide?
Also I am certain that this boondoggle is going to pick billions out of our pockets and either destroy downtown or force business to move out so that the developers can take over with huge Agenda 21 property tax breaks.

Look forward to seeing you on Monday.


Larry Patella

From: Abbott, Karmen [] On Behalf Of Benton, Sen. Don
Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2013 4:24 PM
To:; 'Leavitt, Tim'
Cc: Rivers, Sen. Ann
Subject: RE: Stop Light Rail the Gravy/Crime Train


I have no idea what gave you the idea that I support tolling for the CRC.  I DO NOT support the CRC, which means I DO NOT support tolling of a bridge that has already been tolled, and paid for.



PS – If there has been any communication from me or my office that has lead you to believe that I support tolling, please indicate which communication that was so that I may correct the error.

Senator Don Benton
Deputy Majority Leader
17th Legislative District

From: Rivers, Sen. Ann []
Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2013 5:27 PM
To: 'Leavitt, Tim';
Cc: Benton, Sen. Don
Subject: RE: Stop Light Rail the Gravy/Crime Train

For the record Larry, I am not opposed to tolls.  I was raised in an area where tolling was a way of life.  I am, however, opposed to the CRC and tolling of this project since it has become a nightmarish story that continues to unravel. This project does nothing to reduce congestion or increase freight mobility while shunting growth of upriver economic development. I feel that I have taken on the role of protecting my constituency from this project.   There are too many concerns to list here – I believe we need a project – but this isn’t it.  ~ Ann

From: Leavitt, Tim []
Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2013 5:27 PM
Cc: Don Benton; Ann Rivers
Subject: RE: Stop Light Rail the Gravy/Crime Train

Ohhh...almost forgot...

And, we've been sending a lot of tax $$$ to Olympia. It's about time some of those $$$ come back too SW WA to fix our highway and interchanges and support more efficient transit!

Go get 'em Senators!

Best, Tim

From: Leavitt, Tim []
Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2013 5:23 PM
Cc: Don Benton; Ann Rivers
Subject: RE: Stop Light Rail the Gravy/Crime Train

BTW, I certainly don't take issue with their positions about sooty of tolling, in general, because it is a "conservative" philosophy of governance....those who use will pay part of the cost; those who don't use don't pay. And, in my research, tolling is the least costly alternative for the local share. I've asked you before if you'd prefer an increase in sales tax, property tax our business taxes...and smartly, you've refused to answer. Why? I hope it's because you understand that a) infrastructure investment creates opportunities for jobs growth from the private sector, and b) tolling is indeed less costly to Clark County residents than all the other options, and c) employers are unlikely to expand and create more jobs as traffic congestion mounts, and d) your grandchildren deserve to live in a Vancouver that is investing in their livelihoods.

Best, Tim

From: Leavitt, Tim []
Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2013 5:44 PM
To: Rivers, Sen. Ann
Cc: Local Mailing List; Don Benton
Subject: RE: Stop Light Rail the Gravy/Crime Train

Senator, thank you for setting the record straight regarding your position on tolling with Mr. Patella.

We'll disagree about the merits and value and need for this project. I'll simply stand by three years of community engagement, technical studies, independent expert reviews, and approval from the Feds.

Larry, I encourage you to review Senate Bill 5502 for details.

Best to all,