Thursday, June 30, 2011

Is reality hitting Vancouver over the baseball scam for the Yakima Millionaires?

So, what's been going on as the reality of this ripoff begins to sink in and even the rag has been laying off the puff pieces?

Investors "want assurances" that the people will have to secure this scam for them so they're protected while we're screwed.

Here's the details of the rip off from the scammer's position.

essentially, those details are meaningless: they get the facility and the ground it's sitting on for free through lease after their 30% payment.  They control every aspect of the facility and get every penny in profits.  They run everything, make all the money off the facility and control it all while we bear the lion's share of the costs.

The rest of the world calls that organized crime.  The baseball freaks around here call it a deal.

This scam guarantees the Yakima Millionaires everything, while equally guaranteeing that we get screwed.

They even acknowledge that the taxpayers have to pick up the bill for almost $1 million per year in return for a paltry $189,000 per year "in tourism."

It's stunning that this scam has received any serious consideration at all.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The "Irony" joke of the day: Tim "The Liar" Leavitt even using the word "truth."

Over on the democratian puff piece that continues their lame, exaggerated, mindless support of the I-5 rip off are the following comments:

 Josephine Wentzel · Friends with Lew Waters
Thank you Councilwoman Jeanne Stewart for standing up for the people! She was the ONLY one who made sense yesterday. When she pressed about citizens being denied a vote, the mayor got real antsy and almost gaveled her down! None of the other councilmembers stood with her ---- NOT ONE OF THEM!  3 · Like · Reply · Subscribe · 10 hours ago

Timothy D Leavitt · Vancouver, Washington
Comical Josephine....purely comical. Are you really running for the Vancouver City Council, at the same time purposefully manipulating the truth about this issue?
The ironic joke of all of this?

That a lying scuzball who did nothing BUT "manipulate the truth" (aka, "lie") to get elected should charge someone else with the thing he is most known for and guilty of?

I'm not a huge Wentzel fan: too few results considering the assets.

But for someone like Tim "The Liar" Leavitt to question someone ELSE'S veracity?

That's not only ironic, it's the kind of rank hypocrisy this clown is known for.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Announcing the new term to label Bridgers/Looters: The Loot Rail Weiners.

Have you ever noticed how slime like John Laird always attack those opposed to their agenda?  In his most recent slam, he extrapolates, because it suits him and his cause to do so, that we must support loot rail because the volunteer campaign trying to, gasp, heaven forbid! Put this to a vote is having trouble getting it done without any funding... like, you know... a union initiative would have funding before it's tossed at the polls (Say, a moronic state income tax, for example?)

This neo-communist wrote:
All bark, no bite — Gosh, with all that yelping from anti-light-rail hounds who claim to represent “the people,” it seemed like getting enough petition signatures for a ballot measure would be easy. Alas, the stampede is more like a crawl, and top dog Larry Patella confesses, “I think it’s a lost cause right now,” for the second year in a row
No, the slimer couldn't be graceful and say something like, "Even though I disagree with your vision, I applaud your efforts to exercise democracy," or something like that. Nope, he's got to be a dick.

OK, then the result is inevitable. He reaps what he sows.

He is, therefore, a Loot Rail Weiner. No more just being a much more understated "bridger/looter." He's now been promoted to his namesake, "Weiner."

Because he columns are the same kind of worthless imaging that one of his fringe left heroes, Tony "The Weenie" Weiner was sending out, only he uses words instead of pictures.

Because scum deserves no better... Ya Weiner.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

More lies from the CRC scam: Not True, Times Ten-Gov. Kitzhaber and backers of a new I-5 bridge claim it will create 20,000 jobs. Their own numbers show how wildly wrong they are.

The scum ramming this colossal waste of billions down our throats with life long tolling and tens of thousands of dollars for each commuting family being drained over a life time for NO GOOD REASON.

Last week, the WW laid out all the reasons this scam was a stupid idea and a complete waste of money.

This week, they add more fuel to the fire by showing us that one of the critical claims the CRC scammers make, the one concerning "jobs," is, like most everything else they say, a crock of shit. (Thanks to Lew Waters.)

Not True, Times Ten

Gov. Kitzhaber and backers of a new I-5 bridge claim it will create 20,000 jobs. Their own numbers show how wildly wrong they are.

Gov. John Kitzhaber wants Oregonians to believe he’s creating jobs, and he backs up that claim by promoting his support for the $3.6 billion Interstate 5 bridge project called the Columbia River Crossing.
On May 17, Kitzhaber sent a letter to the state’s most powerful business groups and the AFL-CIO, the umbrella group for trade unions, boasting about his effort to boost Oregon’s economy after helping unveil a new design for the bridge. “We took a major step forward on the Columbia River Crossing and the 20,000 new jobs its construction and long term improvements will create,” Kitzhaber wrote. (He got that figure from project sponsors’ modeling. See their memo at here.)
Just think of it—20,000 jobs. That’s three times the number of people Nike employs in Oregon, and more than Intel, the state’s biggest private employer. In a state where unemployment is well above the national average at 9.6 percent, that claim sounds like manna from heaven.
Except it’s not true—not even close.
Kitzhaber is exaggerating by 10 times the number of jobs potentially created by project, known as the CRC. That’s according to the project’s own reports, as well as the state’s methods for tallying jobs.
It’s not the first time that leaders from Oregon and Washington have made shaky claims to justify the project. The major reasons backers cite for building the CRC are disproved by the project’s own documents (see “A Bridge Too False,” WW, June 1, 2011).
At a time when creating jobs is the top priority of every policymaker in Oregon, the project’s potential is a rare bright spot for politicians seeking votes and a construction industry desperately seeking work. The claim of 20,000 jobs has gained traction, and the power of that number has built support for proceeding with the project, which would replace the existing I-5 bridge between Portland and Vancouver, fix seven major interchanges, and extend light rail to Vancouver.
In November 2009, CRC planners projected the number of jobs it would create.
They found it would employ 12,421 construction workers over a 10-year period; it would create 2,964 “indirect” jobs—that is, jobs at companies that supply goods and services to the project but are not directly involved in building it; and it would spawn 5,589 “induced” jobs, positions such as bartenders and store clerks supported by the spending of those working on the project.

That all appears to add up to just over 20,000 jobs, spread over a decade.
But there’s a caveat: The way CRC backers tally jobs not only runs counter to how economists count jobs, it also ignores the way the state of Oregon itself counts them.
The state’s Employment Department counts net continuing jobs. It doesn’t allow a company—or state agencies—to count jobs by adding them up and then multiplying the jobs by the number of years.
So, in other words, if 100 workers pave a section of road, it counts as 100 jobs. Even if that paving takes five years, it still counts as 100 jobs—not 500.
And ignoring that rule is how CRC backers vastly exaggerate the economic value of the project.
According to the CRC’s own figures, the “average annual regional jobs” created is not 20,000, but 1,907—or less than 10 percent of the oft-cited figure.
WW shared the CRC’s job projections with Amy Vander Vliet, an economist for the Oregon Employment Department.
Vander Vliet says the way proponents are presenting employment prospects is wrong; the correct number should reflect how many workers are on the job at any one time.
“These jobs, because they are spread out over 10 years, would not show up in our figures as 20,000 jobs,” she says. “The number to focus on is the annual figure of about 2,000 jobs.”
Of course, 2,000 jobs would give Portland’s economy a boost. 
But exaggerating the project’s benefits has been a pattern among CRC backers, including Kitzhaber. As WW has reported, the project has overstated demand for a new bridge (its traffic projections are way off), the danger the current bridge poses (its claims about traffic safety are false), and the earthquake hazard presented by the old span (more than two dozen I-5 bridges are less stable, including the Marquam).
CRC backers have repeatedly invoked the 20,000 jobs estimate to build a broad coalition of supporters and steamroll doubts whether the project is even needed. 
The 20,000 number is so ubiquitous it actually appears in a toothless resolution, House Joint Memorial 22, which backers want the Legislature to approve to lend a slim degree of official support to the project. “Whereas the Columbia River Crossing Project would create 20,000 new and sustained jobs by providing improved access to ports and highways…,” the bill reads in part.
Brian Gard, who heads up the Columbia River Crossing Coalition, wrote in a March 15 Oregonian op-ed that the 20,000 jobs figure comes from “highly conservative estimates.”
Experts doubt that. “The way most of us are going to think about this is 2,000 jobs per year over the life of the project,” says Tim Duy, director of the Oregon Economic Forum at the University of Oregon. “If the question is, ‘Is this like creating a new Intel?,’ the answer is no.” 

FACT: Boston’s “Big Dig” tunnel, a 7.5-mile project completed in 2004, cost $14.6 billion (more than three times the original budget) but at its peak, according to Massachusetts DOT, never employed more than 5,000 workers.
And now, we'll see what THIS series of exposed lies will do to the equation.  But it's not particularly comforting that those running he show are choosing to lie to us to get what they want... and all at our expense.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's just a shame about Tim "The Liar" Leavitt.

Upon reflection, it's really a shame that Tim Leavitt had to lie to get elected. Now the issue with him is whenever he tells us anything or assures us of anything, my first thought is that he's lying.

He lied to get elected. He's done everything he can to keep us from voting on the bridge/loot rail scam. Someone is jerking his strings and he lacks the guts to cut himself loose. That he is elected to anything here locally is to our everlasting shame.

I'm pretty sure he's tired of hearing it. But since he's going to BE hearing it as long as he's in politics, I'm thinking that perhaps he ought to get used to it.

I wish he had told the truth. I wish he had come to understand that there are many worse things in life then losing an election. For example, lacking the integrity to tell the truth, and lying so completely and obvious to win one comes to mind.

I do feel sorry for the people of Vancouver who find themselves led by such a scumbag.  And hopefully, at the next election, that shame will become the far distant footnote that he deserves.

Vancouver Business Journal reports: Yakima Scammers sweeten their rip-off.

Having deliberately low-balled the people of Clark County with their asinine proposal, The Yakima Scammers have come back with a counter offer.

The problem, of course, is that the people of Clark County do not want this steaming pile dumped on our collective doorstop when ultimately, it's designed entirely to enrich the Yakima Scammers at our expense.

Here's their latest attempt to swindle us:

BREAKING: Yakima Bears sweeten offer to Clark County in letter of intent

June 15, 2011
By Nicholas Shannon Kulmac

Short Season LLC, owners of the Yakima Bears, a short season Single-A minor league baseball team affiliated with the Arizona Diamondbacks, today issued an advanced draft letter of intent to Clark County outlining the potential structure of an arrangement that would lead to the construction of a multi-use facility on the Clark College campus.
Most notable in the letter of intent is an agreement by Short Season to secure private construction and the long-term financing of the facility – something that was previously undecided by the team.
“The owners realized the county wanted nothing to do with that [securing private construction and long-term financing] and so they said, ‘okay we’ll step up and cover it,’” said Ron Arp, who is working with the Bears on the proposed move.
In a press release, Short Season said the letter of intent was developed after a number of meetings between the team, the county and the college, during which each party outlined their respective positions.
“We are presenting this letter of intent as our first articulation of the project and framework to begin successful negotiations for facility development,” said Mike McMurray, president of Short Season LLC, in a press release. “It reflects the work of Clark County, Clark College and Short Season over the past 30 days since we announced our pledge to relocate our Single-A franchise to Vancouver pending creation of a multi-use facility.”
McMurray and Arp said the letter of intent was presented to Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt, City Manager Eric Holmes and Clark County Administrator Bill Barron, among others.
“By sharing this draft agreement, we look forward to beginning our discussions with city of Vancouver authorities, in addition to continuing the work underway with Clark County and Clark College,” said McMurray.
In addition to Short Season’s agreement to secure the long-term financing of the facility, the letter states that if Clark County decides to levy an entertainment fee, a portion of the proceeds would be deposited into a special “Facility Fund” to be used solely to support the multi-use facility. The letter also states the county will have no obligation to make payments beyond what is available in that fund.
Attached to Short Season’s draft letter of intent is a revised timeline outlining key project milestones including:
▪ The completion of facility design and specifications by July 2011
▪ A Clark County Ordinance authorizing an entertainment fee by July/August 2011
▪ Start of construction by October/November 2011
▪ Completion of construction, use agreements and opening day by June 2012
McMurray said it is possible that certain parts of the letter of intent may be refined as the process continues. He said
Unfortunately for the Swindlers, there's quite few issues they failed to address:

The people of this county do not want one nickel of public money used for this crap pile.

The people of Clark County cannot adequately state how moronically idiotic is is to waste millions on a ballpark designed to enrich a few scammers from Yakima when we can't even keep all of our fire stations open.

There is no way the municipalities of this county will agree to this swindle.

And their timeline is absurd beyond recognition... since i6t lacks a vote by the people... who would, of course slaughter this pig in it's tracks.

Other than that, they've got it covered.

CTrans and the CRC: aborting democracy, one gerrymandered vote at a time.

By now, anyone paying attention knows what a scam the C-Trans/CRC/Downtown Mafia/identity Vancouver scum have been running on us.

Several years ago, we had a loot rail vote that was crushed at the polls... in the vicinity of a 30% yes vote.

For years after that, the democratization lied, connived through bogus polls, and cheerleaded for a "study" with a pre-ordained outcome that completely disregarded the reality and the facts of the matter concerning our local transportation system.  Then, they conspired to eliminate those bothersome ingrates paying the bills from having any say.   Because those self-appointed slimeballs decided that they know better.  They decided that what THEY want is much more important than what WE want.

The idea that this steaming pile should be built without our permission has NEVER been explained.  How is it that, back in the day, a vote was required for a project much smaller and cheaper but now, indebting us for generations and slamming the 65,000 commuting families with an additional$1300, $1400, $1500 per year tax to work in Oregon is a decision taken out of our hands?

The democratian was supposed to find out.  But it's much like their active cover up of the Jim Jacks misconduct scandal... they were SUPPOSED to find out about that as well, but, gee, Jacks was a democrat who'd toed their line to a "t," so they kept up their end of the bargain and buried it.

Those in charge of us know we don't want this crap pile; if they did, they'd put it to a vote.  So, they lie.

The biggest liar is, of course, Tim "The Liar" Leavitt, who, in conjunction with the next biggest liar, Steve "The Liar" Stuart who was helping to run his campaign, made up the phony issue that he, Leavitt was opposed to tolls.  He hammered away on that issue, and sucked many of the more naive political types into supporting his candidacy while they ignored my warnings that Leavitt was a liar, a con, and a cheat, telling them what they wanted to hear to get elected... and then kicking them to the curb as he flipped his position on "tolls" so magically about 60 seconds after the was elected.

Then, of course, we have my own brother-in-law, former Republican, and now democrat Commissioner Marc Boldt, who lied directly to my face at the county GOP convention when he told me he would make sure we had a county wide advisory vote on the entire project.. LAST November, a vote he had no intention of ever holding.

Then, of course, we have Steve "The Liar" Stuart, who lied about holding a county wide loot rail vote as a part of HIS re-election campaign... because it closely mirrored the lies he engineered for his buddy "The Liar" Leavitt.

That's right, late in Stuart's despicable campaign, he lied:
As a member of the C-Tran board, Stuart said, he worked to protect lower fares for disabled riders and fought a move to cut transit services to the disabled.
As for light rail, he said, “My focus is to provide you with a vote, and because of the work we did, there is going to be a vote next November.”
Not happening.  And it never WAS going to happen.

Scum lie that way, don't you know.

So, what happens?  These scum don't want a loot rail vote to interfere with their bogus effort to jack up our sales tax... AGAIN... for C-Scam.

Which is why we get crapped on like this:

C-Tran decision on light rail voter makeup postponed

Sunday, June 12, 2011

So, the rag has a print-only article about the ballpark scammers, aka the "solid ownership behind Bears" as they continue their "screw us" campaign.

Look, I get that the rag doesn't want us dragging a stick through the rhetorical entrails of the scammers behind that rip off they're promoting.

After all, the media equivalent to going through Palin's emails looking for more reasons to op[pose this rip off simply won't do.  And the LAST thing they want is for me to bitch slap them again for selling us out.

If these people were candidates for sainthood, it would make absolutely no difference.  More lies from the rag won't fix that: when they lie to us by saying on the editorial page that "...this really isn’t so much about a baseball team moving here; it’s more about building a stadium," they are once again, not telling us the truth; this puff piece in their ongoing abrogation of responsibility to this community, driven by prospective ad revenue, goes to the heart of the matter.

Earlier, I foresaw that these people would continue to pump out puff pieces that typically ignored the massive opposition to this waste of public money, and the easily predictable rag has followed that path, and will continue to do so until the hopefully last shovel of dirt has been dropped onto the scam's grave.

Imagine how much better off both the rag, and this community would be if we didn't have to put up with media sell outs and, instead, utilized true journalism.

The rag continues on their "sell them out" campaign; they just want a $20 on the dresser for a Ballpark.

The entire idea of using any public money for this House of Prostitution, aka the Ballpark, sucks.  The rags problem?

There's no way to make it UNsuck.

Just last year, this very editorial page railed against the very idea of a publicly funded ballpark for Portland.  They recognized that they would see little to no ad revenue from such an endeavor, they then recognized our precarious financial times, and rightfully concluded it was a bad idea.
"As we've editorialized before, there appears to be no way any of that money (To build a ballpark) could or even should be provided by taxpayers. That hurdle hasn't discouraged Leavitt, though. There's still a lot of interest in bringing Beavers baseball or Triple-A baseball to Clark County. Private interests are working on a financing plan, he said. To which we respond: Great! Work away! Which is a nice way of saying don't come begging to cash-strapped city or county governments."
But now, when it's the rag's ad revenue at stake?  Beg away!  Now, however, they see themselves as the lead profiters of ad revenue for this steaming crap pile, so journalistic integrity goes out the window... again.

It's this kind of irresponsibility that makes me despise the newspaper. What's driving this pap is profit... to the paper. Profit driven by prospective ad revenue. Profit made more despicable by their failure to volunteer THEMSELVES for a tax they want US to pay.

In short, the rag has become a prostitute for the baseball team/ballpark scam because THEY want US to provide THEM with profit at the end of government extortion.

When it's all said and done, no amount of lipstick on this pig changes it from a pig. We're closing fire stations, and this cancer on our society wants us to build a ballpark? Without ASKING us?

Troll $20 of ad revenue through the newspaper trailer park, and watch these immoral clowns flip on command and sell US down the river to get what THEY want.

Scum. Despicable scum.

Put this thing out of it's misery.  And do it now.  Let some other governments stick it to their people to build this crap pile... because it won't be missed.

And to any other scammers wanting us to subsidize their private enterprise, understand this:  you had better bring a huge checkbook, and be prepared to pay for ALL of it.  Otherwise, take it on down the road.

Kudos to Tom Mielke for allowing common sense to dictate his position.  That the rag wants the other two to keep kicking this dead horse is a sign of their desperation and their ongoing concern for themSELVES, instead of for the constituency.

A "thoroughly vetted" corpse is still a corpse, and Stuart and Mielke appear to want to waste time, effort, energy and money in the form of staff time to make sure this thing is throughly dead.

A rag looking out for US would recognize that and put an end to their moronic, unjustifiable support of this slow-motion, public rape.

But then, since when has this abortion of a newspaper ever done that?  They're not called the democratian for nuthin'.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Reality is sinking in, and scam ballpark deal is in serious trouble.

Not one dime of public money should go in this complete waste of our money... and anyone in government should know that.

And now, the close scrutiny of the scam is causing it to unravel... hopefully.

Unfortunately, I don't have a great deal of confidence in governments that are as moronic as ours; the very idea they could close down a fire station and then waste millions on a ballpark for post-little league baseball was a no-brainer "no" from the getgo.

The local rag wrote it best before they were corrupted with ad revenue:
But back to luring the baseball team over to this side of the river. That would require a stadium with at least 8,000 seats, which would cost about $40 million. As we've editorialized before, there appears to be no way any of that money could or even should be provided by taxpayers. That hurdle hasn't discouraged Leavitt, though. Theres still a lot of interest in bringing Beavers baseball or Triple-A baseball to Clark County. Private interests are working on a financing plan, he said. To which we respond: Great! Work away! Which is a nice way of saying don't come begging to cash-strapped city or county governments.

Now, of course, with a foundation of situational ethics, the rag (which refuses to see THEIR product taxed in any way to support this scam) has completely flipped based on the weight of the dollar signs.

Vancouver City Councilman Jack Burkman has been leery of the scam from the start, and has been one of only two to express opposition at any level (Tom Mielke being the other.) publicly.
Councilor Jack Burkman said Thursday that the baseball proposal “plays out where I expected it to be, into our laps.”

“It’s really a simple answer for me. During our retreats, we said no new taxes without asking residents and public safety is a priority,” Burkman said.

“I do not support taking money out of the general fund for this, and I don’t support another tax on the residents.”

“In this economy, I don’t see how you could justify public financing,” Burkman said.

That's because it isn't justifiable to any but the fans of the scammers who want to force US to pay for THEIR ballpark.

But the numbers speak for themselves. And the numbers here reveal the extent of the rip off in question. And based on the responses of what had been rabid supporters, it's fairly clear that they've been hearing about their idiocy.

And now, thankfully, the bar is much, much, higher.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What Greg Owens, Mike Bomar and Steve Stuart DON'T care about when it comes to the Ballpark Scam.

It's difficult for me to grasp why so many people are so willing to sell out the entire county to get what they want, or why no amount of opposition makes any difference to these children.

Close down a fire station?  No problem.  let's extort millions from the people of Clark County to build a Ballpark we don't need so a few people from Yakima can come in and rip us off with the authority of the county commissioners.

Want a Ballpark?  No problem, we'll just make the rest of the county, the vast majority of who will never set foot in this rip off, totally pay for it.  That way, these clowns can enjoy the benefits of having everyone else pay for what THEY want, but damned sure don't need, and wouldn't THINK of paying for themselves.

Who gives a rat's ass that Clark College is sitting on $70 million or so and could write a check for this RIGHT NOW if it was so damned important.

That someone buying a ticket to attend a concert in the amphitheater will pay more... a LOT more... then those buying the tickets at the Ballpark doesn't bother these slime one wit.  They want what THEY want, and THEY want US to pay for what THEY want, like the playground punks they are.

And even when an entire neighborhood association votes against them... even when the vast majority of the comments on the newspaper puff pieces the rag keeps cranking out, though they won't be paying a nickel in taxes for this scam that they'll be making bank off of in advertising and that they have flipped over because they're being paid off... none of that makes any difference to the people who care so little about this community because, well, they want what they want, and screw the rest of us.

Greg Owens, who is one of THE biggest kool aid drinkers, ready to bend us over at a moments notice so he can watch semi-pro, barely-post amateur baseball, left this comment in response to my post concerning the baseball thugs publicly flogging anyone who opposes them generally, and the paper's punks going after those actively working to stop this crime from happening:  Now that Shumway has condemned the moronic ballpark scam, can we expect the slimeballs running the rag to fire back?  Anonymous

Anonymous said...

"The meeting was attended by approximately 15 neighbors"

Meaning, possibly only as many as 10 households. Not even close to a majority of the households in the neighborhood, and hardly representative of the "thousands" you claim are against the stadium. I have yet to witness anywhere near a majority of citizens against this project at any event or discussion concerning the stadium. I get that you are against the project, and I also get that many are. But the exaggerations about the opposition are not helping your cause.

Greg Owens 11:05 AM

And the exaggerations about the non-existent benefits help yours?

I have asked you, personally, Greg, a dozen times: will you agree to pay a $10 surcharge on every ticket to pay for this ballpark to leave us out of this?  And a dozen times you've failed to answer... which is, in and of itself, an answer: you want this, but you want all of US to pay for it.

I'm not exaggerating, and you damned will know I'm not.  You  and the rest of the community bullies would unhesitatingly put this to a vote... you know... like they do in Yakima?  if you HAD the votes... but the last thing you, or Stuart... or Bomar want is first, to let us have a voice at the polls on this and second, pay for this fricking thing yourself.

Priorities, Greg... Steve... Mike.  You people don't have any.  And that is, frankly, disgusting.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Now that Shumway has condemned the moronic ballpark scam, can we expect the slimeballs running the rag to fire back?

As just a small sign of the massive opposition to the idiocy surrounding the ballpark scam gets buried in the rarely read by anyone but political junkies politics blog on the democratian, one wonders: will the paper now shift targets and blast the Shumway Neighborhood Association because they're smart enough to slam this criminal enterprise?

Will we see the blithering idiot that runs the sports section attack Shumway?  Will he call them names like just another Columbian playground bully?

The fact is that the shills for the team don't give a rats ass.  Ron Arp is getting paid to do a job, so he doesn't give damn one what they think in Shumway or anywhere else.

Clark College is sitting on a butt-load of money and could just write a check for the whole thing.  Will they?

Fat chance.

The people are opposed to the tax component of this scam.  The people look at this and ask: what's the worst that could happen?  We don't get a team that no one cares about anyway?

Will the rag, having completely flipped their positions when cash greased the palms, use their bully pulpit to beat the hell out of these people?

Councilman Jack Burkman swings by.

Is it possible that we've actually found The Last Honest Man?

JackBlogger said...

I serve as both a Vancouver Councilmember and a Clark College Trustee. Trying to represent both could easily present a conflict of interest.

To fix that, I have formally announced that I am stepping away from anything having to do with baseball (recusing) in my role as College Trustee.

I am keeping my ability to freely represent Vancouver on this issue. 9:53 AM
A man of principle in politics?

Yes.  Because I know for a fact from multiple sources that he is being hammered like a nail because he's standing up to those who are hell-bent on screwing this community over this trivial goal of getting post high school baseball in here at our expense.  He's been politically threatened and pressured by the icons of our community who are sprinting to the front of the line to sell us out.

And I respect and admire someone who can stand tough for their ideals.  It's a lesson that the mayor and Commissioner Stuart would be well served to emulate... but somehow find impossible to do so.

Thanks for stopping by, Jack.  Thousands of us are with you.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Proof of the Columbian's total lack of integrity and situational ethics.

So, like Jack Burkman asks: what's changed?  How is it that we couldn't afford this crap pile 15 months ago, but now, all of a sudden, magically, we can?

We're still "cash strapped."

Our local economy still sucks.

Why is it so great now for these slime to crawl out from under their rocks to come "begging" when it was a bad idea then?

Is there some sort of deal?  Have these slime bought the Columbian's non-existent integrity because of ad revenue?

With their legendary situational ethics, what else COULD it be?

So, here you have it.  What the rag USED to have as a position... and what these scum have now.

Copyright Columbian Publishing Company Apr 25, 2010

How Portland's public officials and private financiers could so cavalierly apparently observe the struggles of their highly popular professional baseball team escapes our comprehension. The Portland Beavers history dates back more than a century. Last year the Triple-A team (one step from the major leagues) averaged 5,000 fans for each of 70-plus games, which likely pleased merchants around PGE Park. Also last year, the 19,000-seat stadium sold out for the Triple-A All-Star Game.

But Portland's loss might be Clark County's gain. (Gee, where have we heard that before? Might it have been pertaining to jobs or a corporate headquarters or two?) Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt last week said Clark County is still in the running for a new home for the baseball Beavers. Id say (the chances are) 50-50, based on my understanding of how (minor league baseball stadium) finances work, Leavitt said in a story by The Columbian's Andrea Damewood.

Its good to see Leavitt remain open-minded about this potential gain for our community. It'd be a real opportunity to provide our community with something to rally round, he also said. And heres a point we haven't made before but which ought to be fun to kick around: If we get a baseball team, let it be conditional upon not being named the Portland Beavers. It would have to be the Vancouver Beavers (or some other mascot chosen in a public process). And if that re-ignites the old identity crisis linked to Vancouver, B.C., well, too bad. Having a baseball team named Vancouver would help spread the popularity of our city, the original Vancouver.

But back to luring the baseball team over to this side of the river. That would require a stadium with at least 8,000 seats, which would cost about $40 million. As we've editorialized before, there appears to be no way any of that money could or even should be provided by taxpayers. That hurdle hasn't discouraged Leavitt, though. Theres still a lot of interest in bringing Beavers baseball or Triple-A baseball to Clark County. Private interests are working on a financing plan, he said. To which we respond: Great! Work away! Which is a nice way of saying don't come begging to cash-strapped city or county governments.

One interesting comparison that we've presented before can be found in Round Rock, Texas, home of the Triple-A Express team. That city (population about 160,000 and growing rapidly) is about the same as Vancouvers. Like Vancouver, Round Rock is near a large city. The metropolitan Austin area has 1.5 million people; some rush-hour drivers there might insist that number is way too low.

So it would be short-sighted to argue that were not big enough for minor-league baseball. Thats certainly not the attitude of the directors, advisers and sponsors listed at Thats a website built by local supporters of the effort to bring professional baseball here. We wish them all the luck in the world ... in the private sector, that is. Perhaps a herd of venture capitalists will stumble over a gaggle of angel investors as both groups rush in to get a minor-league team started here. Perhaps Portland Beavers owner Merritt Paulson will find a way to join the parade (OK, maybe thats an exaggeration) of business leaders who have moved across the Columbia River.

Meanwhile, Clark County baseball fans will keep dreaming ... about their field ... that the public currently and for the foreseeable future cannot afford.

Burkman slam-dances the democratian:

There's no question that the local rag has dawned a despicable version of titanium kneepads here to get this massive waste of money built because they will PERSONALLY benefit without paying a thing for the privlege; as disgusting a violation of ethics and as large a conflict of interest as any I've ever seen.

In today's ongoing campaign piece where journalism has long since left the building, they moronically put together another in their unconscionable series of puff pieces designed to lull the public into actually believing their desire to enslave us to pay them more money is based on what's good for the community.


You can read it here.  There's nothing new, and everything is repeated, and none of it makes any sense except for and to those slimeballs doing all they can to shove yet another tax down our throats without a vote, something this rag specializes in, but something that rarely will enrich them so directly.

City Councilman Jack Burkman, who has shot to the top of my local hero list with a bullet is withstanding tremendous pressure by the scum behind this crap and is publicly speaking out against this obvious theft of precious public money where fire station closures are fine, but a Ballpark built entirely for a private owner is even better.

Burkman calls the local rag to task, and does it brilliantly in his comment on another inexcusable abrogation of what they laughingly call "journalism."

Jack Burkman · Council Member at City of Vancouver
April 2010 the Editorial Board wrote about funding a stadium for the Beavers. They said, “As we’ve editorialized before, there appears to be no way any of that money could or even should be provided by taxpayers. … There’s still a lot of interest in bringing Beavers baseball or Triple-A baseball to Clark County. Private interests are working on a financing plan, he said. To which we respond: Great! Work away! Which is a nice way of saying don’t come begging to cash-strapped city or county governments.”.

Is it okay to use tax money now and if so, why?

Because like on so many other issues, the situational ethics of the rag have created a newspaper of rank hypocrites, where right or wrong have no place, but pursuit of their money at our expense is secondary to anything approaching their responsibility to this community.

Thank you so much Councilman Burkman.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Jeers to the Columbian/democratian for their ongoing public relations blitz for the scammers from Yakima and for their censorship of those who disagree.

Since the democratian has precisely zero integrity, it's not surprising that they've gone overboard on screwing us to get a new source of revenue in here.

The rag doesn't care that they want 99% of us to pay for something we don't need so 1% of the people in this area can use it.

I get that they continue to lose money.  I get that no one wants to advertise in them any more because it's far too expensive and not nearly enough people read it to make it worth their while. And I get that finding new suckers to pay their exorbitant rates is a rare occurrence, because, after all, who wants to waste their money of a podunk swindle sheet with such situational ethics.

But, besides me, who thought these slimeballs would sell out this community over a baseball scam just so they could get their 30 pieces of silver?

The irony is that while they support taxing all of US, I have yet to read in the local Pravda where THEY have any intention or effort underway to volunteer to tax THEIR pollution on our community; instead they just want to tax us.

Having shattered even a resemblance to a lack of bias, these scum wrote this today in their democrat newsletter:
Jeers: To myopic, growly county commissioners who chose to ignore their own lawyer’s advice in regards to negotiating with the Yakima Bears. Bronson Potter, who as chief deputy civil prosecutor keeps the county’s best interests at the top of his mind, drafted an agreement that would require the minor league baseball team’s owners to pay a $250,000 penalty if they choose to negotiate with anybody else. The agreement assures the commissioners, who may decide to enact a 5 percent admissions tax to help fund a stadium, that the Bears won’t try to use them as leverage to get Yakima or another city to better the offer. Though the contract does not obligate the county in any way, the commissioners balked when Potter presented it. They’re supposed to reconsider this week.
For these morons to call someone ELSE "myopic" is as despicable as Tim "The Liar" Leavitt calling the Willamette Week a publication that "lacks credibility and substance." (Compared to our local daily rag, the WW is the Bible.)  And that the rag would take this position when the REAL reason they want this bizarre agreement (We really don't give a damn if they leverage us or not, when the people don't want them here to begin with.) when their entire purpose is to complain about how we passed on an "opportunity" to further cement this rip-off into place.

That said, the slime from Yakima have done nothing worthy of exclusivity.  They're trying to move fast to avoid any effort to allow the massive opposition to organize, and the rag is doing their part by ignoring the overwhelming opposition to this massive waste of money precisely the same way this same despicable rag ignored the massive opposition to the other major rip off they so slavishly support: the unnecessary, unneeded and unwanted opposition to the I-5 Bridge Replacement/loot rail project.

More and more people are strongly disapproving of this misguided effort, where somehow baseball has become more important then keeping fire stations open.

But to avoid the acknowledgment of any such opposition, the rag doesn't mention it.

Purely in the name of journalism, you understand.

Slapping the commissioners when they're showing the temerity of doing what the people want just confirms the overarching bias, lack of integrity and hypocrisy running this Nazi propaganda sheet.

I, of course, was silenced again by the rag directly after I attacked Mayor McFly for his kneepads support of this rip off.  There's no telling how many others have been shut up by these slime, as they "clean up" their comments section; which is, of course, a euphemism for getting rid of those who have the intelligence and understanding of the local situation to disagree with the rag, Identity Vancouver and the rest of the downtown mafia.

That the rag works so hard to mute opposition to their agenda and their candidates that they have long since become a cancer on our community.  And their impending bankruptcy can't come soon enough.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The hypocrisy of Tim Leavitt, mayor of Vancouver, for all to see.

Regular readers of this blog have at least a hint of the disdain I have for this liar.  For new readers, the main plank in his election campaign was a total lie designed to suck those opposed to tolls into voting for him.

He had that position... for about 60 seconds after he was elected.  At that point, he did a complete flip, proving my allegations, made throughout his campaign, that he was lying scum.

And he still is.

As the local rag continues their long project to rehabilitate this slimeball's image because his position flip now means he's carrying the rag's water like Gunga Din; every once in awhile, the true colors of this rank hypocrite pop out for all too see.

He knows the people of this community, that he's so busy burying in billions of debt that he won't have to pay, are increasingly opposed to the nonsensical turd that is trhe entirety of the bridge replacement/loot rail scam.  Leavitt's partner in lying, Clark County Commissioner Steve Stuart, promised during HIS campaign to hold a vote on loot rail THIS November.  That's not happening, of course, because, well, the promise was snough to get Leavitt's fellow slimeball re-elected.  Not terribly surprising since Stuart, who helped run Leavitt's campaign, authored the lie that got Leavitt elected in the first place.

Leavitt knows the loot rail vote is doomed.  His response: to throw a fit long enough to allow the CTran dodge to be gerrymandered into existence sometime next year so he can win this election by fraud.

That is, he will require all of us in the urban area to pay his tax, while allowing none of us to vote on it.... much like the ballpark scam he's running on us now.

Do you detect a pattern?

Anyway, the Willamette Week came out a couple days ago with an article that typically destroyed Mayor McFly's bogus bridge/loot rail scam.  Of course, besides the will of the people, facts have no place in his lowlife world, so when confronted by that article, what was his uber-hypocritical response?
Timothy D Leavitt · Vancouver, Washington

The Willamette Week article lacks credibility and substance. There are unsubstantiated and opinionated statements by the "reporter"....or editor, I'm not quite sure if its supposed to be a story or opinion piece. Seems more like a political blog than anything else. Kinda like saying that 5 days of sunny, hot weather means a change of climate...

Like · Reply · Subscribe · 2 hours ago
To which I rightfully responded:

Kage McClued · Owner/Writer at Clark County Politics BlogLike · Reply · 2 seconds ago

You're kidding, right? YOU question someone ELSE'S credibility and substance? I have never seen such rank hypocrisy from any ele4cted official, ever, except maybe Anthony Weiner.

The reasons to believe the Willamette Week geometrically exceed any reasons to ever believe you. The quotes from your own mouth and blog during your campaign speak to that. 
It is to our communtity's shame that this scaming liar was ever elected to even dog catcher, let along mayor. And we will all be paying the price for that, every day for decades as a result.

That someone like him could even remotely believe they're in a position to question someone's or something's credibility is beyond belief.

Columbian/democratian continues their campaign to bring baseball here; forgets all about journalism.

I get that like everyone in Clark County with a baseball fetish, the local rag wants us to pay for the Ballpark so THEY can make bank of it... and all without paying a dime of the taxes they're demanding WE pay.

They DO understand that ALL the money from ALL of this will go to the owners, right? That the owners will make ALL the money from the concessions, and ALL the money paid by other groups to use this thing? And that those going to the movies and the amphitheater will actually pay more for the ballpark then those actually going there to watch baseball?  They do.  But they never mention it.  That's fair, right?

Why the reporter doesn't provide all the facts, instead of those slanted to support this move is just more proof that this isn't journalism... it's campaigning. And, of course, many more puff piece articles that don't even mention the opposition as if their isn't any to come... because that's how the Lazy C rolls.
But then, what's journalistic integrity when money's at stake, and the rest of the community can pay for this?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The democratian's ongoing sham of news (actually, a campaign) for the baseball scam.

So, the Columbian, who stands to make bank off this team without paying a nickel in taxes to support this facility, continues on with their "in kind" campaign to hook more suckers, eh?

It's easy to find "fans" when your plan is to make everyone else pay for what you want.

Imagine... the taxes to pay for a movie ticket will be higher then the taxes to go to the actual ballpark. And the owners (who in reality, would be the people of Clark County, but instead will be the scam artists from Yakima) get to keep all the profit while only paying 30% for this scam. And speaking of scams, the idea that they can task anyone in Portland to do anything because THEY signed a contract with someone in Clark County is as absurd as the rest of this farce.

That's right. WE are buying this, but THEY get to keep all the profit. So, when another group wants to use this faux "community facility," THEY get to keep all the money. Concession stands? Same thing.

No one's done a feasibility study; no one has bothered to figure out how we can force this facility to be built on state land, land these scammers won't have to pay for; in the worst possible location to put it; (everyone here, when sober, knows that if this is going to be built, it should be built at the fairgrounds) and not one of these supporters want to put this to a vote.

With the free advertising the newspaper is providing, OF COURSE the facebook page site is getting "fans." We all know the paper wouldn't do the same for the opposition facebook page, because, well, if the paper doesn't recognize the massive opposition to this, well, there must not be any.

I expect more articles like this, articles that have long since lost the veneer of "news" and have taken on totally blinded cheerleading... because when you're going to make money, and this paper WILL make money... there's no place for news or anything approaching balanced journalism.

Shades of the Jim Jacks cover up.

Paraphrasing Willamette Week: there are lies, damned lies, and the CRC; Turns out most of the case for the CRC isn't true.

Which this blog has been saying, literally, for years.

This is ugly, folks.  The Willamette Weeks ginzus the assumptions the downtown mafia and Identity Vancouver along with the democratian have been scamming us to gain support for this horrific, ten billion dollar project that will indebt future generations for a bridge we don';t want, need or can afford, and the loot rail that goes along with it.

If the democratian gave a damn about the truth, they'd be all over this and those clowns pushing for this in government would treat this entire project like it was radioactive.

But neither of those things are true.  So, we're left with this, the four main lies of the CRC.

Myth No. 1: Spending billions on a new I-5 bridge project at the Columbia River will solve congestion.

Myth No. 2: We have to build a bridge because the traffic is only going to get worse.

Myth No. 3: The current bridge is too dangerous.

Myth No. 4: We have a plan to pay for it.
The article simply destroys any reasonable justification for the horrific waste of tens of millions that HAS taken place, and the hundreds of millions that will.

Reed and heed, Read and heeders.