Thursday, February 14, 2013

Here's The Liar in action:

Egomaniacal Mayor McSlime announces re-election bid: "Arrogance will out."

The lowest life-form in local elective politics today announce that his sado-masochistic tendencies forced him to run for re-election.

"I enjoy getting pounded by those disgusted by my lies, my lack of integrity, my complete lack of leadership; my sheer, unadulterated arrogance (second only to Jim Moeller's version) and perhaps the tinest ear in politics," McSlime spewed.  "My votes violating ethics laws for my employer are a real hoot as well," he groaned.

"Look, I get that a lot of the people out there believe I'm a lying scumbag for fooling all of your suckers into thinking I ACTUALLY, REALLY opposed tolls when I ran last time," McSlime babbled.  "But that was just to fool you idiots into voting for me," he giggled.

McSlime, who desperately needed a fake issue to separate himself from Boyce "No Choice" Poolyard, who lived on the bizarre idea that the people of Clark County needed to be enslaved over his bridge/loot rail fetish, decided to become the prototypical lying scumbag by claiming for months that he was opposed to tolls.

This blog knew he was lying, and repeatedly called the little worm out for his lies.  Unfortunately, not enough people cared to hear the truth, so they voted Mayor McScumbucket into office, where he immediately flipped, lying that he had learned what he damned well already knew while serving on the city council.

In announcing his re-election, McScummer claimed he "would not be bullied."

Hopefully, he'll come to find out that we won't be bullied by scum like him, either.

Frankly, I'm relieved.  This blog and the "Tim "The Liar" Leave-it Blog are going to pound him like a Salisbury steak.  The only question is this: will the people, obviously proven to be fooled as recently as November by re-electing scum like Jim Moeller, continue to support a lying slimebag with the integrity of a concentration camp guard for Mayor?

Tune in and find out.

(And by the way, McSlime, it takes a genuine fruit fly to announce a re-election bid on Valentine's Day.)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Leavitt out to screw us all: by all means, jack up the gas tax.

Not satisfied by trying to screw us with his CRC scam, SW Washington's elected worm comes out with this garbage:

Washington mayors, including Vancouver's Leavitt, call for gas tax hike

Mayor Tim Leavitt of Vancouver, left
The mayors of more than 40 cities across Washington, including Tim Leavitt of Vancouver, have sent a letter to Gov. Jay Inslee and legislative leaders, urging them to consider an 8-cent-per-gallon gas tax as a way to help pay for transportation needs.
The letter from the Mayor's Transportation Forum was sent Wednesday. Among the signees were Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn, as well as the mayors of Bellingham, Federal Way, Tacoma, Olympia and Walla Walla.
In addition to the gas tax increase, the letter suggests a motor vehicle excise tax increase of up to 1.5 percent that counties could enact by public vote or by a vote by county commissions, and the increase to the vehicle license fee from $20 to $40. The license fee could also be increased either by public vote or by a vote of local councils.
The mayors say more than $3 billion is needed to maintain roadways and bridges in the state over the next 10 years. Democrats in the state House are expected to introduce their transportation proposals next week.
Naturally, every leftist scumbag mayor wants to screw us... what else is new?

But Mayor McFly shooting himself in the foot this close to his re-electio0n announcement?

He's not only slimy... he's stupid.

Leave-it running for re-election? Let's get this party started!

The slimiest politician in SW Washington, a liar par-excellence, is likely to announce his re-election bid tomorrow... and this scribe sincerely hopes he does.

Tim "The Liar" Leavitt has earned his nickname by lying... repeatedly... to get elected last time he ran.

Most of his shtick was a made-up issue to separate himself from Royce "No choice" Pollard.

Both leave-it and I knew he was a lying scumbag: I tried to warn everyone but few would listen.  It is to this community's misfortune that he was elected, and shortly thereafter accomplished the flip that has since made him famous.

He has become the CRC's bitch.  Of course, he works for a CRC contractor so every vote he's ever taken in favor of the CRC represents a legal violation of our state ethics laws, where-in you cannot benefit, directly or indirectly from any vote you take.

The democratian will endorse him; after all, by becoming the CRC's bitch, he became their bitch as well because in Columbian land, the money sewer that is this massive rip-off is incapable of doing any wrong, and cannot be held to a standard approaching anyone... or anything... with an "R" after it's name.

Leave-it is the slimiest of the slimy.   Democrats will vote for him because while he has, on occasion, claimed to be in the GOP, he's as much in the GOP as Marc Boldt... meaning, not at all.

And that's why I'm restarting this blog... to keep people up to date on what this scumbag HAS done and IS doing.

So, tomorrow, I'll get my shot-record updated, and then I am coming after him with everything I've legally got.

At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if he won: after all the same idiots who voted Jim Moeller back into office voted this moron in as well.

But it won't be because the information defining this scuzball wasn't available.  And with any luck at all, this embarrassment to our community will soon become a footnote, just like others who have turned a deaf ear to the people they would govern.