Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Benton to run amendment requiring county wide vote prior to dispersal of CRC funds.

As most know, we've already wasted a huge amount of money (Far north of $100 million... Moeller's efforts to jack it up another $50 odd million notwithstanding) as the power brokers and corrupt here in Clark County strive to emulate the scam they've been running in Seattle to rebuild the SR 520 Evergreen Floating Bridge.

In Seattle, they've made $400 million vaporize without turning a shovel of dirt, and as one elected official told me, "anything Seattle does, we can do better."

Well, the people of Clark County do not want this bridge project and we definitely don't want the loot rail aspect of that project and the reason this whole scam is being run.

The slimeballs running government down here would rather dive into a vat of pit vipers then allow us to have any serious say over this project. They have, effectively, done everything they can to KEEP us from having a vote... even if such a vote is a platform plank for re-election or a personal promise from one's brother-in-law county commissioner.

The solution?

Attach a rider to the transportation budget requiring a county wide vote in Clark County before the CRC gets another dime in state funds.

Simple, really. Kudos to Sen. Don Benton for being much more concerned about the will of the people then the lowlife's currently running the ship down here who are so corrupt they can't walk straight down a crooked road.

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