Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The democratian's arrogance continues.

Of course, we knew that'd be all aflutter about their two pet governors coming down here to tell us which bridge they want to ram down our throats, joining with the other bridger/looters who demand this horrific project but who will bear none of the burden of paying for it.

The stupidity of the rag's position really can't be overstated... nor can the stupidity of their moronic metaphors:
When a family desperately needs a new car during an economic crisis, the style and appearance of that new car do not matter as much as cost and functionality.
Of course, no one rams a new car down any buyer's throat; no one buys a new car they don't need or want, and the presence of dozens of options when it comes to what kind of car and where to make the purchase speaks to the idiocy of whoever wrote this tripe.

We should have more choice than a condemned prisoner offered the option of death by hanging, lethal injection, electrocution or firing squad... yet that's what this despicable rag and the scum shoving this crap pile down our throat offer us.

Ultimately, since the government allegedly works for us, they have no right to force our execution while leaving us only the choice of the method.

Never mind that like many dictators, they believe their judgment to be superior to that of the governed.  Never mind that bridgers/looters are uniformly opposed to giving us any type of vote.  No one supporting this horrific project demands a vote or allowing us any voice at all.  One bridger/looter, Commissioner Marc Boldt, lied to my face about that very thing.  Another bridger/looter lied about a vote to get elected last November... Commissioner Steve "The Liar" Stuart.  And the biggest liar of all, Tim "The Liar" Leavitt's flip on tolls is legendary.  And like many other dictators, they're corrupt and unconcerned about what the people want, need or can afford.

Yeah, unlike most dictators, we voted these slime in.  But the Germans, initially, voted Hitler in.  How'd that work out for them?  Because to me, the difference is only a matter of degree since when it comes to domestic policy, the similarities far outweigh the differences.

And while the brief, anemic single call by the democratian for a county wide vote on this crap pile was, predictably not mentioned in their cloying endorsement of this dictatorial action, the fact that there has yet to be any reason to build this steaming pile has yet to ever be addressed by the rag.

We get the standard, don't care lies as to why: Earthquakes (Fine.  Retrofit the current bridge.) Congestion (We have 3 through lanes now; we'll have 3 through lanes when the crap pile is built.)  Loot rail. (Of course, loot rail is the entire reason these slimeballs are jamming this down our throats, and their problem is that besides making this the most expensive loot rail project in the history of this planet, the people here clearly do not want it.) Lifts.  (As if our community will somehow be better off by charging those using the bridge $1300 plus per year to avoid the few... very few... lifts that people run into every year.) "reasonably priced" (When you want a crap pile like this and YOU don't have to pay for it, ANY price is reasonable... and $10 billion plus for this ISN'T reasonable.)

That's not "reasoning."  That's fantasy.

The reasons to avoid taking this action overwhelm any reasons to build it.  The outcomes will be horrific on a community wide scale, including the fact that when completed, it will have accomplished nothing save the installation of ever-increasing multiple life time tolls, absolutely no increase in freight mobility, no decrease in congestion and the waste that is loot rail... combined with blowing a hole in the local economy as $100,000,000 plus per year is vacuumed out of the local economy, a fact I have yet to see addressed... ever... because, well, when you don't give a damn how much this will hurt the people of Clark County, why go through the motions of looking at issues like that?

The fact is this: the entire motivation... the complete basis for replacing a perfectly safe and serviceable bridge is to bring the herpes of loot rail into Vancouver... a move overwhelmingly rejected at the polls time and again.

This kind of tyranny is part and parcel of why I despise those running our government... why I despise a media complicit in furthering their aim to pay off their friends at our expense.

With a rag proven to lack anything close to integrity, we should, perhaps, not be surprised at how they're working with their fellow democrats to ram this down our throats.  Clark County is increasingly unfriendly to leftists and voted against Gregoire in every election... which is part of why she's doing this to us as a punishment.

We do have other transportation problems.  Unfortunately, this waste of $10 billion solves none of them.  And that the rag goes along with this program is just more payback to the democrats who own them with the implicit requirement that if the rags want to keep their B&O tax break that they don't deserve, then they'd better play ball... which also, come to think of it, goes to the heart of the matter as to why Brancaccio has sold out in his cover up of Jacks' misconduct that caused him to leave the legislature.

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