Thursday, April 21, 2011

MORE slime and hypocrisy from Tim "The Liar" Leavitt?

The fundamental flaw of all the many flaws this moron has is this:

Why can't The Liar and his ilk convince Benton that this project is a good idea?

I mean, if it were all that, then why can't they get Benton on board?  Benton's only been involved in transportation issues for the past 16 years or so.  That would be at least since Leavitt hit puberty, don't you think?

Is it because The Liar is owned by special interests and has an employer that will be enriched directly by his efforts?

Is it because The Liar, who has already proven how little he cares what the people he represents cares about doesn't give a damn about the will of the people compared to Benton, given his efforts to do everything he can to keep the people from having any say compared to Benton, who has done everything he can to get us a vote?

Of all the elected officials this community is cursed with, the slimeball mayor of Vancouver, Tim "The Liar" Leavitt, has to be the among the worst... if not THE worst.

Best known for running a despicable campaign of lies and deceit only to be followed with a tenure as mayor pf lies and deceit, that The Liar could write this about anyone in the face of his pathologically rhetorical, opinionated and self-aggrandizing campaign and tenure is enough to make anyone choke on the irony.

Leavitt represents the worst in politics. There is no lie that dillwad won't tell, no people he won't sell out, no effort he won't make to silence the opposition, and did I mention that no lie is off limits to that slimeball?

Anyway, Sen. Don Benton, who cares far more about this community on his worst day than the Liar has during the entirety of his sorry existence, wrote every elected official and bureaucrat a letter asking them to join him in opposing the steaming crap pile that The Liar now so strongly supports, along with its economy-crippling tolls... which is what got him elected in the first place.

What was that rank hypocrite's response?

"There is nothing substantive in the letter to counter the circumstances and facts specific to the CRC Project. The letter is replete with rhetoric, opinion and self-aggrandizing," he wrote in an email to The Columbian.
Maybe The Liar believes enough time has passed that we've forgotten his betrayal of the people.  Maybe he thinks that his hypocrisy in accusing another elected official of something no one else on this planet is more guilty of is something we'll just overlook.

Maybe he failed to step away from the bong before he hit the keyboard.  Who knows?

But for Leavitt to accuse someone ELSE of this sort of thing in the face of HIS history?

Scum.  Pure scum.

Some day, hopefully soon, Leavitt is going to need Benton for something he'll want very, very badly.

And I also sincerely hope that Benton never forgets this self-serving, kneepads-to-the-special-interests crap that only a liar like Leavitt is so capable of.

The "facts" of the CRC would make any "responsible" elected official run away in horror.

Burdening this community with billions in debt and tolls for an eternity for a bridge we don't need, want or have the ability to afford?

Hammering 65,000 commuting families with thousands of additional dollars in tolls and blowing a $100,000,000 hole in our local economy every year?

No "responsible" elected official would have anything to do with this steaming crap pile.

Which, I guess, goes to explain why The Liar supports it so strongly, since he disqualifies himself as a "credible elected official."

Scum.  Pure scum.

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