Friday, April 22, 2011

So, two more clowns who won't have to pay the tolls for this crap pile are going to tell us which bridge will be rammed down our throats.

The two people least qualified to have any say whatsoever are now going to tell us which bridge they're going to ram down our throats.


Govs. Chris Gregoire and John Kitzhaber on Monday will announce their decision for the type of bridge that will frame Vancouver’s riverfront for the next century or so.
The announcement will come in a joint press conference on Hayden Island on Monday morning.
Architects have pressed for an iconic cable-stayed design, while state transportation planners have recommended a flat composite deck truss.
Both will be cheaper than the open-web box girder design that the governors rejected in February.
The governors agreed with a bridge expert review panel’s recommendation to kill the old design because of its high cost and questionable durability. They weighed three alternatives put forward by the expert panel: cable-stayed, tied-arch and the composite deck truss designed preferred by the two state transportation departments.
The agencies say the composite truss design will be cheapest to build and most likely to keep the $3.6 billion Columbia River Crossing project on schedule.

Now, we don't need this, don't want this, can't afford this... and these slimeballs are going to stuff it down our gullets without asking us first?

And, of course, our local stain on journalism continues the lie that this at-least $10 billion bridge with multiple life-duration, permanent tolls that they want to start as soon as possible actually costs only $3.6 billion.


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