Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Liars continue: who better to know a "no brainer" than Tim "The Liar" Leavitt? And so much for "The Liar" Stuart's campaign promise.

How can we tell either Leavitt or Stuart is lying?  Their lips move.

Tim "The Liar" Leavitt earned his sobriquet as a result of his fraudulent campaign where he actually convinced the less-informed that he was opposed to tolls while he was running for mayor.  I told the world he was making that up because in reality and policy, "The Liar" had a long record of supporting everything and anything Pollard wanted... his election-year conversion to fake anti-toll zealot notwithstanding.

He was lying.  I, of course, repeatedly said he was lying during the campaign and all along after the election... even before his now legendary flip.  And, as we all know, about 60 seconds after he was elected, he flipped on the toll position that got him that way, crapping all over the less-sophisticated voters who supported him because of that issue.

So I wasn't terribly surprised when, during the CRC meeting he worked his ass off to help Steve "The Liar" Stuart shaft the people with Stuart's campaign lie about his pledge to make sure we'd have a county-wide vote on loot rail THIS November, Leavitt called holding the CTrans tax increase vote this November while ignoring Stuart's promised county-wide loot rail vote it a "no-brainer."

And who better to know?

Meanwhile, his fellow liar, Stuart, who ran on the pledge to hold such a vote THIS November, refuses to be held accountable for HIS campaign lies: 
As a member of the C-Tran board, Stuart said, he worked to protect lower fares for disabled riders and fought a move to cut transit services to the disabled.
As for light rail, he said, “My focus is to provide you with a vote, and because of the work we did, there is going to be a vote next November.”
Do you detect a pattern?

First, we have "The Liar" Leavitt repeatedly lying about his toll position to get elected.  He gets elected, and almost immediately flips.

"The Liar" Stuart, who was a major player in Leavitt's campaign effort, does what?

He lies about his loot rail election position.  He gets elected (barely) and almost immediately flips.

Nah.  Must be pure coincidence that they're both lying scum.  Particularly when, as well all know, there is one reason and one reason along for this lie to have legs:  So when they hold the election in 12, these scum can gerrymander the taxing district to, once again, include every major retail outlet in the county while excluding a hundred thousand or so voters from having any say... but not from paying their tax.

Wouldn't want the vast majority of the county to actually have ANY say... would we?

And then, what does "The Liar" Stuart do at the CRC meeting?

Why, he feels compelled to try and bully one of his many opponents by demanding of her... and her alone... whether she was just representing herself... or someone else.


Cause I've got to tell you, it's none of your fricking business.  And your rank, anti-community, lying position on this horrific project does not give you license to attempt to muscle the opposition... and then whine about it on your facebook page.

And for those of you who supported "The Liar" Leavitt, I've got to ask you:

As I told you all along that the only difference between "The Liar" Leavitt and Royce Pollard was that "The Liar" was lying about his toll position... do you see any difference between Pollard and Leavitt now, save the fact that Leavitt's been a week-kneed little weasel who can't keep control of council meetings, I mean?

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