Tuesday, April 19, 2011

You DO know the slimeballs running the CRC want to toll the CURRENT I-5 bridge... don''t you?

You didn't?

Well they do. And buried in the transportation budget is a "study" requiring DOT to look into tolling both the "current" and "future" I-5 bridges.

Of course, screwing the commuter to get loot rail into the cesspool known as Vancouver is what this is all about.

Sen. Don Benton is again raising to the challenge, running an amendment to strip out the word "current" in an effort to fire a shot over the bow of the slime working so diligently to ram this crap pile down our throats and bury us in debt... forever... all while wrecking the local economy by blowing a $100,000,000 yearly hole in it.

The people down here don't want tolls. At least one little worm ran on and was elected on a platform in opposition to tolls, only to flip 60 seconds after he was, unfortunately, elected.

Hopefully, this amendment will stick. Time will tell.

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