Friday, April 29, 2011

A worthy letter to the editor of the democratian: Light rail is a social experiment.

Everyone reading this knows the people of Clark County do not want our bridge replaced.

Everyone reading this knows that replacing the current, safe, functional and PAID for I-5 Bridge, particularly when everyone paying attention knows that loot rail is the ONLY reason the downtown mafia and the elected slime are shilling this crap and working so hard to deprive the people of any say.

But not everyone reading this will admit that, even to themselves.

And now, we get some insight as to the motivation for loot rail, in this brilliantly written, pithy effort by Robert Dean, likely the former candidate for the open 18th District House seat now occupied by State Representative Ann Rivers.

The reference to Tim "The Liar" Leavitt, whose only accomplishments to date are to have run the scummiest, most lying, two-faced campaign in the history of this region; to have lost control of the infamous "gavel down" city council meeting; to have come up with a plan to censor his many opponents by shutting them up at city council meetings; and to have become a total prostitute to the bridgers/looters he works for the consternation of those who were naive enough to have voted for him on his empty promises and lies; is beautiful.

But the letter speaks for itself... enjoy.

He must have cringed. Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt was standing behind the two visiting governors when they admitted that tolls are being levied against the residents of Vancouver as a sort of social experiment, reported in an April 26 story “Governors choose truss design for new I-5 Bridge.” Oregon Gov. Kitzhaber called it changing “the ‘paradigm of car-only highway systems” courtesy of D.C. bureaucrats. Oh, we’ve always known that, but how embarrassing it must have been for our mayor at that moment.

“Light rail and tolling creates incentives for people to get out of cars,” Kitzhaber said.

And Marie Antoinette said, “Let them eat cake.”

Is it any wonder that wealthy chamber of commerce types favor light rail and tolls? Encourage the working poor to leave their cars at home and take mass transit; free up those lanes for those who can afford them. Leavitt has always been in favor of light rail and recently of tolls. Many questioned why.

Perhaps he just wants to free up the commute for his wealthy friends.

Robert G. Dean

I'll say.

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