Wednesday, April 13, 2011

So, Hinton... how'd you blow the appointment pick?

Did I?

Politics is an interesting business.

Obviously, both Tim "The Liar" Leavitt and Steve "The Liar" Stuart knew of my prognostications, given their avid following of my meager efforts here.

Did my post that layed out "the plan" seal Lentz's doom? Did it here have anything at all to do with the outcome?

Who knows?

But imagine the fall out if things had went exactly the way I envisioned.

Zegas never really had a chance: no real experience and no time in the district.

I believed Wylie to be the weakest candidate. I believed Lentz to be the biggest threat, so I painted this picture... and painted both Leavitt and Stuart into a corner. And that serves them right, considering what they're doing to us.

So... How did I blow the call?

a better question is this:

Did I?

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  1. Blogging around the Pacific Northwest left a comment which I inadvertantly deleted because the words are so small on my Nook Color tablet:

    :) Kelly, you love playing those two like little mice after all the hell they and lou put you through?

    Let them squirm some more. After how I saw Steve treat several people at the C-tran board meeting. Let twist a little bit more.