Monday, June 6, 2011

Councilman Jack Burkman swings by.

Is it possible that we've actually found The Last Honest Man?

JackBlogger said...

I serve as both a Vancouver Councilmember and a Clark College Trustee. Trying to represent both could easily present a conflict of interest.

To fix that, I have formally announced that I am stepping away from anything having to do with baseball (recusing) in my role as College Trustee.

I am keeping my ability to freely represent Vancouver on this issue. 9:53 AM
A man of principle in politics?

Yes.  Because I know for a fact from multiple sources that he is being hammered like a nail because he's standing up to those who are hell-bent on screwing this community over this trivial goal of getting post high school baseball in here at our expense.  He's been politically threatened and pressured by the icons of our community who are sprinting to the front of the line to sell us out.

And I respect and admire someone who can stand tough for their ideals.  It's a lesson that the mayor and Commissioner Stuart would be well served to emulate... but somehow find impossible to do so.

Thanks for stopping by, Jack.  Thousands of us are with you.


  1. Hold the line, Jack. Your points are way up on my score card.

  2. I don't always agree with Jack, but he continues to gain favor from me for his honestly and integrity.

    He has asked relevant questions pertaining to this stadium that must be answered.

    Others on the city council would do well to pay heed to his questions and join in asking them.