Thursday, June 2, 2011

Columbian/democratian continues their campaign to bring baseball here; forgets all about journalism.

I get that like everyone in Clark County with a baseball fetish, the local rag wants us to pay for the Ballpark so THEY can make bank of it... and all without paying a dime of the taxes they're demanding WE pay.

They DO understand that ALL the money from ALL of this will go to the owners, right? That the owners will make ALL the money from the concessions, and ALL the money paid by other groups to use this thing? And that those going to the movies and the amphitheater will actually pay more for the ballpark then those actually going there to watch baseball?  They do.  But they never mention it.  That's fair, right?

Why the reporter doesn't provide all the facts, instead of those slanted to support this move is just more proof that this isn't journalism... it's campaigning. And, of course, many more puff piece articles that don't even mention the opposition as if their isn't any to come... because that's how the Lazy C rolls.
But then, what's journalistic integrity when money's at stake, and the rest of the community can pay for this?

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