Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The democratian's ongoing sham of news (actually, a campaign) for the baseball scam.

So, the Columbian, who stands to make bank off this team without paying a nickel in taxes to support this facility, continues on with their "in kind" campaign to hook more suckers, eh?

It's easy to find "fans" when your plan is to make everyone else pay for what you want.

Imagine... the taxes to pay for a movie ticket will be higher then the taxes to go to the actual ballpark. And the owners (who in reality, would be the people of Clark County, but instead will be the scam artists from Yakima) get to keep all the profit while only paying 30% for this scam. And speaking of scams, the idea that they can task anyone in Portland to do anything because THEY signed a contract with someone in Clark County is as absurd as the rest of this farce.

That's right. WE are buying this, but THEY get to keep all the profit. So, when another group wants to use this faux "community facility," THEY get to keep all the money. Concession stands? Same thing.

No one's done a feasibility study; no one has bothered to figure out how we can force this facility to be built on state land, land these scammers won't have to pay for; in the worst possible location to put it; (everyone here, when sober, knows that if this is going to be built, it should be built at the fairgrounds) and not one of these supporters want to put this to a vote.

With the free advertising the newspaper is providing, OF COURSE the facebook page site is getting "fans." We all know the paper wouldn't do the same for the opposition facebook page, because, well, if the paper doesn't recognize the massive opposition to this, well, there must not be any.

I expect more articles like this, articles that have long since lost the veneer of "news" and have taken on totally blinded cheerleading... because when you're going to make money, and this paper WILL make money... there's no place for news or anything approaching balanced journalism.

Shades of the Jim Jacks cover up.


  1. You've been outed, Kage McClued.

  2. I can't say with certitude that the post was by me, because we all know I was hacked!

  3. Now THAT was funny!

  4. :) Nice Job Kelly. Now if you could just get a piece of an online newspaper? Maybe with some other local clark county voices you might be even more invective and effective?

    One thing you did prove is how useless their new ID detection was. It was full of human error!