Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What Greg Owens, Mike Bomar and Steve Stuart DON'T care about when it comes to the Ballpark Scam.

It's difficult for me to grasp why so many people are so willing to sell out the entire county to get what they want, or why no amount of opposition makes any difference to these children.

Close down a fire station?  No problem.  let's extort millions from the people of Clark County to build a Ballpark we don't need so a few people from Yakima can come in and rip us off with the authority of the county commissioners.

Want a Ballpark?  No problem, we'll just make the rest of the county, the vast majority of who will never set foot in this rip off, totally pay for it.  That way, these clowns can enjoy the benefits of having everyone else pay for what THEY want, but damned sure don't need, and wouldn't THINK of paying for themselves.

Who gives a rat's ass that Clark College is sitting on $70 million or so and could write a check for this RIGHT NOW if it was so damned important.

That someone buying a ticket to attend a concert in the amphitheater will pay more... a LOT more... then those buying the tickets at the Ballpark doesn't bother these slime one wit.  They want what THEY want, and THEY want US to pay for what THEY want, like the playground punks they are.

And even when an entire neighborhood association votes against them... even when the vast majority of the comments on the newspaper puff pieces the rag keeps cranking out, though they won't be paying a nickel in taxes for this scam that they'll be making bank off of in advertising and that they have flipped over because they're being paid off... none of that makes any difference to the people who care so little about this community because, well, they want what they want, and screw the rest of us.

Greg Owens, who is one of THE biggest kool aid drinkers, ready to bend us over at a moments notice so he can watch semi-pro, barely-post amateur baseball, left this comment in response to my post concerning the baseball thugs publicly flogging anyone who opposes them generally, and the paper's punks going after those actively working to stop this crime from happening:  Now that Shumway has condemned the moronic ballpark scam, can we expect the slimeballs running the rag to fire back?  Anonymous

Anonymous said...

"The meeting was attended by approximately 15 neighbors"

Meaning, possibly only as many as 10 households. Not even close to a majority of the households in the neighborhood, and hardly representative of the "thousands" you claim are against the stadium. I have yet to witness anywhere near a majority of citizens against this project at any event or discussion concerning the stadium. I get that you are against the project, and I also get that many are. But the exaggerations about the opposition are not helping your cause.

Greg Owens 11:05 AM

And the exaggerations about the non-existent benefits help yours?

I have asked you, personally, Greg, a dozen times: will you agree to pay a $10 surcharge on every ticket to pay for this ballpark to leave us out of this?  And a dozen times you've failed to answer... which is, in and of itself, an answer: you want this, but you want all of US to pay for it.

I'm not exaggerating, and you damned will know I'm not.  You  and the rest of the community bullies would unhesitatingly put this to a vote... you know... like they do in Yakima?  if you HAD the votes... but the last thing you, or Stuart... or Bomar want is first, to let us have a voice at the polls on this and second, pay for this fricking thing yourself.

Priorities, Greg... Steve... Mike.  You people don't have any.  And that is, frankly, disgusting.


  1. Steve Stuart does not give a rip about the ampitheater tax...

    Has he or Mark Boldt for that matter actually ever paid for the multitude of concerts they and their families have attended since becoming Clark County Commisioners???

  2. "And even when an entire neighborhood association votes against them."

    Not exaggerating? The Shumway neighborhood is 71 square blocks. Just using a very, very conservative estimate of an average of 3 households per square block, this would mean 213 households. Maybe 10, if that, were represented at the meeting. 5%. This is the ENTIRE Shumway Neighborhood? Hardly. And, my experience as a neighborhood association officer anecdotedly tells me that the ones were there (save for the one that opposed the statement) were the ones that were already opposed to the stadium. And, a little research would have let you know that I would, indeed, welcome vote. I think the community would support the idea. As well, I have addressed your $10 surcharge. This is a community facility, with community benefits. An entertainment tax, not dependent on the stadium revenue, allows the community to use the facility cost effectively, and without further financial risk.

    And lastly, where have your "thousands" been during public discussions, meetings, and events?

    Exaggerations. That's all you have.

    Greg Owens

  3. "I have asked you, personally, Greg, a dozen times:"

    In regard to this, you have "personally" asked me nothing. This question has been posed by an anonymous poster on the Columbian website; was that you?

    Greg Owens