Thursday, June 30, 2011

Is reality hitting Vancouver over the baseball scam for the Yakima Millionaires?

So, what's been going on as the reality of this ripoff begins to sink in and even the rag has been laying off the puff pieces?

Investors "want assurances" that the people will have to secure this scam for them so they're protected while we're screwed.

Here's the details of the rip off from the scammer's position.

essentially, those details are meaningless: they get the facility and the ground it's sitting on for free through lease after their 30% payment.  They control every aspect of the facility and get every penny in profits.  They run everything, make all the money off the facility and control it all while we bear the lion's share of the costs.

The rest of the world calls that organized crime.  The baseball freaks around here call it a deal.

This scam guarantees the Yakima Millionaires everything, while equally guaranteeing that we get screwed.

They even acknowledge that the taxpayers have to pick up the bill for almost $1 million per year in return for a paltry $189,000 per year "in tourism."

It's stunning that this scam has received any serious consideration at all.

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