Saturday, June 4, 2011

Jeers to the Columbian/democratian for their ongoing public relations blitz for the scammers from Yakima and for their censorship of those who disagree.

Since the democratian has precisely zero integrity, it's not surprising that they've gone overboard on screwing us to get a new source of revenue in here.

The rag doesn't care that they want 99% of us to pay for something we don't need so 1% of the people in this area can use it.

I get that they continue to lose money.  I get that no one wants to advertise in them any more because it's far too expensive and not nearly enough people read it to make it worth their while. And I get that finding new suckers to pay their exorbitant rates is a rare occurrence, because, after all, who wants to waste their money of a podunk swindle sheet with such situational ethics.

But, besides me, who thought these slimeballs would sell out this community over a baseball scam just so they could get their 30 pieces of silver?

The irony is that while they support taxing all of US, I have yet to read in the local Pravda where THEY have any intention or effort underway to volunteer to tax THEIR pollution on our community; instead they just want to tax us.

Having shattered even a resemblance to a lack of bias, these scum wrote this today in their democrat newsletter:
Jeers: To myopic, growly county commissioners who chose to ignore their own lawyer’s advice in regards to negotiating with the Yakima Bears. Bronson Potter, who as chief deputy civil prosecutor keeps the county’s best interests at the top of his mind, drafted an agreement that would require the minor league baseball team’s owners to pay a $250,000 penalty if they choose to negotiate with anybody else. The agreement assures the commissioners, who may decide to enact a 5 percent admissions tax to help fund a stadium, that the Bears won’t try to use them as leverage to get Yakima or another city to better the offer. Though the contract does not obligate the county in any way, the commissioners balked when Potter presented it. They’re supposed to reconsider this week.
For these morons to call someone ELSE "myopic" is as despicable as Tim "The Liar" Leavitt calling the Willamette Week a publication that "lacks credibility and substance." (Compared to our local daily rag, the WW is the Bible.)  And that the rag would take this position when the REAL reason they want this bizarre agreement (We really don't give a damn if they leverage us or not, when the people don't want them here to begin with.) when their entire purpose is to complain about how we passed on an "opportunity" to further cement this rip-off into place.

That said, the slime from Yakima have done nothing worthy of exclusivity.  They're trying to move fast to avoid any effort to allow the massive opposition to organize, and the rag is doing their part by ignoring the overwhelming opposition to this massive waste of money precisely the same way this same despicable rag ignored the massive opposition to the other major rip off they so slavishly support: the unnecessary, unneeded and unwanted opposition to the I-5 Bridge Replacement/loot rail project.

More and more people are strongly disapproving of this misguided effort, where somehow baseball has become more important then keeping fire stations open.

But to avoid the acknowledgment of any such opposition, the rag doesn't mention it.

Purely in the name of journalism, you understand.

Slapping the commissioners when they're showing the temerity of doing what the people want just confirms the overarching bias, lack of integrity and hypocrisy running this Nazi propaganda sheet.

I, of course, was silenced again by the rag directly after I attacked Mayor McFly for his kneepads support of this rip off.  There's no telling how many others have been shut up by these slime, as they "clean up" their comments section; which is, of course, a euphemism for getting rid of those who have the intelligence and understanding of the local situation to disagree with the rag, Identity Vancouver and the rest of the downtown mafia.

That the rag works so hard to mute opposition to their agenda and their candidates that they have long since become a cancer on our community.  And their impending bankruptcy can't come soon enough.

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