Sunday, June 12, 2011

The rag continues on their "sell them out" campaign; they just want a $20 on the dresser for a Ballpark.

The entire idea of using any public money for this House of Prostitution, aka the Ballpark, sucks.  The rags problem?

There's no way to make it UNsuck.

Just last year, this very editorial page railed against the very idea of a publicly funded ballpark for Portland.  They recognized that they would see little to no ad revenue from such an endeavor, they then recognized our precarious financial times, and rightfully concluded it was a bad idea.
"As we've editorialized before, there appears to be no way any of that money (To build a ballpark) could or even should be provided by taxpayers. That hurdle hasn't discouraged Leavitt, though. There's still a lot of interest in bringing Beavers baseball or Triple-A baseball to Clark County. Private interests are working on a financing plan, he said. To which we respond: Great! Work away! Which is a nice way of saying don't come begging to cash-strapped city or county governments."
But now, when it's the rag's ad revenue at stake?  Beg away!  Now, however, they see themselves as the lead profiters of ad revenue for this steaming crap pile, so journalistic integrity goes out the window... again.

It's this kind of irresponsibility that makes me despise the newspaper. What's driving this pap is profit... to the paper. Profit driven by prospective ad revenue. Profit made more despicable by their failure to volunteer THEMSELVES for a tax they want US to pay.

In short, the rag has become a prostitute for the baseball team/ballpark scam because THEY want US to provide THEM with profit at the end of government extortion.

When it's all said and done, no amount of lipstick on this pig changes it from a pig. We're closing fire stations, and this cancer on our society wants us to build a ballpark? Without ASKING us?

Troll $20 of ad revenue through the newspaper trailer park, and watch these immoral clowns flip on command and sell US down the river to get what THEY want.

Scum. Despicable scum.

Put this thing out of it's misery.  And do it now.  Let some other governments stick it to their people to build this crap pile... because it won't be missed.

And to any other scammers wanting us to subsidize their private enterprise, understand this:  you had better bring a huge checkbook, and be prepared to pay for ALL of it.  Otherwise, take it on down the road.

Kudos to Tom Mielke for allowing common sense to dictate his position.  That the rag wants the other two to keep kicking this dead horse is a sign of their desperation and their ongoing concern for themSELVES, instead of for the constituency.

A "thoroughly vetted" corpse is still a corpse, and Stuart and Mielke appear to want to waste time, effort, energy and money in the form of staff time to make sure this thing is throughly dead.

A rag looking out for US would recognize that and put an end to their moronic, unjustifiable support of this slow-motion, public rape.

But then, since when has this abortion of a newspaper ever done that?  They're not called the democratian for nuthin'.

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