Sunday, June 12, 2011

So, the rag has a print-only article about the ballpark scammers, aka the "solid ownership behind Bears" as they continue their "screw us" campaign.

Look, I get that the rag doesn't want us dragging a stick through the rhetorical entrails of the scammers behind that rip off they're promoting.

After all, the media equivalent to going through Palin's emails looking for more reasons to op[pose this rip off simply won't do.  And the LAST thing they want is for me to bitch slap them again for selling us out.

If these people were candidates for sainthood, it would make absolutely no difference.  More lies from the rag won't fix that: when they lie to us by saying on the editorial page that "...this really isn’t so much about a baseball team moving here; it’s more about building a stadium," they are once again, not telling us the truth; this puff piece in their ongoing abrogation of responsibility to this community, driven by prospective ad revenue, goes to the heart of the matter.

Earlier, I foresaw that these people would continue to pump out puff pieces that typically ignored the massive opposition to this waste of public money, and the easily predictable rag has followed that path, and will continue to do so until the hopefully last shovel of dirt has been dropped onto the scam's grave.

Imagine how much better off both the rag, and this community would be if we didn't have to put up with media sell outs and, instead, utilized true journalism.

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