Monday, June 6, 2011

Now that Shumway has condemned the moronic ballpark scam, can we expect the slimeballs running the rag to fire back?

As just a small sign of the massive opposition to the idiocy surrounding the ballpark scam gets buried in the rarely read by anyone but political junkies politics blog on the democratian, one wonders: will the paper now shift targets and blast the Shumway Neighborhood Association because they're smart enough to slam this criminal enterprise?

Will we see the blithering idiot that runs the sports section attack Shumway?  Will he call them names like just another Columbian playground bully?

The fact is that the shills for the team don't give a rats ass.  Ron Arp is getting paid to do a job, so he doesn't give damn one what they think in Shumway or anywhere else.

Clark College is sitting on a butt-load of money and could just write a check for the whole thing.  Will they?

Fat chance.

The people are opposed to the tax component of this scam.  The people look at this and ask: what's the worst that could happen?  We don't get a team that no one cares about anyway?

Will the rag, having completely flipped their positions when cash greased the palms, use their bully pulpit to beat the hell out of these people?


  1. Just checked the clark college foundationas of june 2010 the are flush with $64,000,000.....if they want a new stadium they can build it and we will see who comes.......

  2. I love baseball. I would go to games there. I think it would be fantastic to have a team in the area again. My only problem is with their funding. Charging movie goers for a baseball stadium? Seriously?

  3. "The meeting was attended by approximately 15 neighbors"

    Meaning, possibly only as many as 10 households. Not even close to a majority of the households in the neighborhood, and hardly representative of the "thousands" you claim are against the stadium. I have yet to witness anywhere near a majority of citizens against this project at any event or discussion concerning the stadium. I get that you are against the project, and I also get that many are. But the exaggerations about the opposition are not helping your cause.

    Greg Owens