Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's just a shame about Tim "The Liar" Leavitt.

Upon reflection, it's really a shame that Tim Leavitt had to lie to get elected. Now the issue with him is whenever he tells us anything or assures us of anything, my first thought is that he's lying.

He lied to get elected. He's done everything he can to keep us from voting on the bridge/loot rail scam. Someone is jerking his strings and he lacks the guts to cut himself loose. That he is elected to anything here locally is to our everlasting shame.

I'm pretty sure he's tired of hearing it. But since he's going to BE hearing it as long as he's in politics, I'm thinking that perhaps he ought to get used to it.

I wish he had told the truth. I wish he had come to understand that there are many worse things in life then losing an election. For example, lacking the integrity to tell the truth, and lying so completely and obvious to win one comes to mind.

I do feel sorry for the people of Vancouver who find themselves led by such a scumbag.  And hopefully, at the next election, that shame will become the far distant footnote that he deserves.

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