Sunday, June 26, 2011

Announcing the new term to label Bridgers/Looters: The Loot Rail Weiners.

Have you ever noticed how slime like John Laird always attack those opposed to their agenda?  In his most recent slam, he extrapolates, because it suits him and his cause to do so, that we must support loot rail because the volunteer campaign trying to, gasp, heaven forbid! Put this to a vote is having trouble getting it done without any funding... like, you know... a union initiative would have funding before it's tossed at the polls (Say, a moronic state income tax, for example?)

This neo-communist wrote:
All bark, no bite — Gosh, with all that yelping from anti-light-rail hounds who claim to represent “the people,” it seemed like getting enough petition signatures for a ballot measure would be easy. Alas, the stampede is more like a crawl, and top dog Larry Patella confesses, “I think it’s a lost cause right now,” for the second year in a row
No, the slimer couldn't be graceful and say something like, "Even though I disagree with your vision, I applaud your efforts to exercise democracy," or something like that. Nope, he's got to be a dick.

OK, then the result is inevitable. He reaps what he sows.

He is, therefore, a Loot Rail Weiner. No more just being a much more understated "bridger/looter." He's now been promoted to his namesake, "Weiner."

Because he columns are the same kind of worthless imaging that one of his fringe left heroes, Tony "The Weenie" Weiner was sending out, only he uses words instead of pictures.

Because scum deserves no better... Ya Weiner.

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  1. It's bad for John 'Gargamel' Laird when even Temple Lentz condemns his vitriol against those who disagree with his views.