Monday, May 16, 2011

The arrogance and self-enlightened idiocy of Greg Jayne, democratian sports editor.

It takes a real dick to blow off democracy to get what they want.

Screw the people.  Who cares what they want?

We have the chance to bring in some rank amateur baseball.  Nothing else matters.  Tax the people out of their homes.  For GOD'S sake, don't let them have any say.

Odd, isn't it?

Jayne moronically reflects, to perfection, the democratian attitude about the bridge and loot rail, because, well, hell's bells, only the rag knows what's right and wrong and everybody else is stupid. 

Because it takes a monumental level of arrogance to write garbage like this:
Let’s cut past the rhetoric about the evils of a public-private partnership, past the bombast about an entertainment tax, past the caterwauling about how government should never do anything that costs anybody any money, and let’s get to the point: The idea of bringing minor-league baseball to Vancouver is a quality-of-life issue.
It's not a quality of life issue; it's a "I want baseball" issue.

See, Portland seems to have a "quality of life," don't they?

What baseball team do they have over there, again?


That's the problem with morons like Jayne, whose world view is limited to what THEY want usinmg OTHER people's money, to the exclusion of what the people signing the checks want.  Message to Jayne:  If you're so damned concerned about "quality of life" then you move YOUR ignorant ass to some location that has a Class A team (Class A, one step above high school) and YOU pay for it.

Quality of life?

Don't make me laugh.  Because using Jayne's idiocy, there's nothing that couldn't be justified under the broad heading of "quality of life" and cost would be no object.

In Jayne's world, apparently, "quality of life" justifies absolutely anything.  Well then, certainly, a nasshole like Jayne would support a tax on the newspaper, right?

Because even the democratian could succeed in this town if you extorted enough money to pay for it.

Or is rank hypocrisy one of his personality traits as well as stupidity and arrogance?

Not One Taxpayer Dime for a stadium in Vancouver.

Not one.

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