Friday, May 13, 2011

Well, the deal is out there. The Leavitt baseball stadium scam.

So, the slimeballs got their scam together.  And, as usual, they want to make everyone else pay for their project.
The one public financing component? Clark County commissioners will be asked to approve an entertainment admissions fee, which would add 5 percent to the cost of tickets to local entertainment events, including movies and the baseball games.
This stunt was tried once before, shortly after the people of this community and the state for that matter passed I-695, the car tab /vote on all tax and fee increase initiative that was supposed to destroy the planet if it passed.

I remember it well.  "Gavel Down" Harris voted to put this same 5% tax on movie tickets to use the proceeds for an Arts Center, claiming that she "wasn't going to let the results of the I-695 vote color her thinking."

Or much else along the lines of common sense.

This tax is, of course, unacceptable and short sighted, because implementing this moronic plan will just increase the incentives to keep people out of the desolate area called "downtown..." not that I spend a dime down there any way.

Placing the stadium in the current location is stupid; traffic and parking will be a night mare, and there is no room available, according to the lobbyist whining about allowing Clark College to build in the co-location with WSU.

Odd, that.  No room for school buildings... but room for a stadium.

How can you tell they're lying?

Well, if The Liar is involved, you can bet they're lying.  Otherwise, if their lips are moving, you KNOW they're lying.

If they want to build it, then let the people who own the team pay for it.  Jack up the ticket cost and have at it.

But the asinine idea of making everyone else, including those who, like me, won't ever set foot in this crap pile, is just an additional way to chase people out of the downtown area so they can spend their money in some other city (Portland immediately comes to mind) instead of that steaming pile known as Vancouver.  And the commissioners will regret it if they support this nonsense by helping Leavitt's stupidity by jacking a tax on to the tickets those who don't live in or want anything to do with Vancouver would have to pay for.

Then, of course, there's this lie:
The team would play 38 home games in a season that would run from mid-June to Labor Day. Thiessen said the backers will work with residents of the Arnada neighborhood to address concerns about traffic, lights and noise.
So... how'd that work out for the amphitheater?

What's that?  It was a disaster?

That's the kind of service local government provides.  They take what they want without asking, and then screw the people.  Just like this scam.

The stadium is a typically bad idea from the fetid brain of The Liar.  Any stadium should be built at the Fairgrounds, on land that the team pays for.  And if the team won't pay for it, then we don't need them.

And we also don't need public officials to negotiate in secret without letting the community they work for know... first.

But that's typical of a slimeball like Leavitt.  Being up front and above board, as well as allowing a vote on this would be so completely out of character for him.

Not One Taxpayer Dime.

Not One.


  1. This stadium is a great idea with perfect timing! It will be used significantly by the community and the college, so public funding is appropriate. Not even you and Lew can put a damper on this one! It is a grand day for is coming to town!

    Greg Owens

  2. Gee, Greg... you sound positively giddy about forcing other people to pay for something that YOU want... but which this community, in the midst of a horrific recession and double-digit unemployment does not NEED.

    Tell me, Greg, when I go to see a movie in Battle Ground... why should I be forced to pay anything just because YOU want me to, particularly when it's in a town I do everything I can to avoid?

    In fact, why should ANYONE going to a movie, no matter where, have to pay ANYTHING for YOUR baseball team?

    We shouldn't. Taxing movie tickets to pay for baseball makes as much sense as taxing donuts to pay for roads... PARTICULARLY when that tax, like these idiotic tolls for an idiotic bridge, are rammed down my throat without giving me a vote.

    And while YOU may think it's swell to tax ME so YOU can watch a bunch of amateurs play a game... you'll forgive me if I disagree and in my own way, do everything I can to stop it, won't you?

    There's a good chap.

  3. This same kind of selfishness comes up with Light Rail too:
    "Oh, you should all pay for Light Rail so I can go to the zoo in Portland."

    Selfishness and arrogance is the hallmark of these tax-for-me SOBs. HOWEVER, if we have a countywide vote, and pass a baseball tax measure, then I'll go with it even though I'll never watch a baseball game in that stadium in my life.