Wednesday, May 4, 2011

More democratian blather: In Our View: ‘Bridging the Gap’

As the muted cry for a vote on this horrific project becomes a long-distant echo, the rag continues it's propaganda onslaught with this latest bridge puff piece.

It's standard shlock, once again failing to mention the massive opposition to replacing the bridge and once again, failing to take the opportunity to demand a county wide vote... and in this instance, once again, failing to mention loot rail's crushing defeats at the polls... and once again, lying about the massive, approaching $10 BILLION cost... the massive tolls that will cripple the low income commuters... the $100,000,000 hole that will be blown into our local economy every year (to being with... increases in tolls to come) for perpetuity... the failure to address the many negative impacts to families and local small business.

Odd how these inconvenient truths don't seem to rise to the level of importance that rates their publication.  Odd, but not surprising.

Instead, they jump up and down and declare that when two people who don't live here, who won't have to pay the tolls in question (a common trait among the vast majority of bridgers/looters: neither of these clowns will get stuck with the bill) who, apparently, threw darts and hit a design on the board have somehow caused this rip off that's vaporized $130 million so far, have caused a "leap forward."

That's a crock, of course, and it's the kind of thing the rag has been bombarding our community with for years.

In My View: figures don't lie, but liars figure.  And just about any democratian article fawning over their bridge fetish shows that.

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