Sunday, May 15, 2011

It's time to tax the Columbian to make THEM pay.

I wish I could take credit for this but it was Lew Waters' idea.

It's time to tax the rag every dime that they want to tax us.

The 5% tax they want to slam on us for "entertainment?"  The rag needs to pay it as well. 

The tolls on the horrifically expensive, unwanted and unneeded I-5 bridge/loot rail project?  Force the rag to pay the toll for each employee, whether they use it or not.

So, for example, presuming 100 people were desperate enough to work for that Nazi propaganda sheet?

Then the rag has to pay 100 times the monthly toll... every month.

This cancer on our society, that people like Craig Sayer falsely believe is somehow "is an important part of a healthy, vibrant community. We need The Columbian (with all its perceived flaws and actual shortcomings) more than we need to go see Johnny Depp in a movie." must share the sacrifice they so cavalierly demand of us.

Sayer's position, of course, is utter nonsense.  Our community would be a thousand times better off without this sewer of slanted information then we are now with it.

And we've already seen that they'll lie, extort, slant and bias coverage against those opposing their world view... and how many, many times have these scum urged that others bear a burden THEY want for projects that they, themselves, don't have to pay for?

Well, now the time to put that to an end.

You clowns in the rag want this?  Then you slime should have to pay the tax for YOUR product, which is typically just as fictional as any Depp movie ever made.

The downtown mafia, Identity Vancouver, the local rag, and the tin eared politicians want this crap pile, and they want the rest of the public to pay for 95% of it.

Here's how this works:  You slime balls want baseball?

Swell.  YOU pay for it.

This garbage about taxing the rest of us so YOU can go watch a game being played is just that: garbage.  Where does it end?  How many more nonsensical projects are these scum going to come up with to force us to pay for without asking us?

Don't know.  But any time the democratian urges us to be taxed, then those scum should be willing to step up and be taxed as well.  And oddly, they seemed to have left that part out of their oral fixation delivered on knee pads to tax us yet again, for something we don't want, yet again, so that downtown Vancouver tries to look good... yet again.

And if this crap passes, expect this to be just the start.

I already refuse to go into the Pollard Hilton unless it's absolutely necessary.  I already refuse to spend a dime in Vancouver.  And now, I will not attend a movie in Clark County as long as this nonsensical tax is rammed down our throats for something we don't even come close to needing or wanting... precisely like they're ramming this utterly nonsensical bridge and loot rail down our throats.

I am heartily sick of scum like ICC (Identity Vancouver) and the Columbian demanding that WE be taxed for something THEY want.

It's hard to find anyone who wants this crap-pile step up and demand that they pay for it.  And that's because, like the rest of the tax and spenders, they don't want to pay for their games.

Tax THEM.  Not us.  And tax the Columbian most of all.

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  1. What is it that we always hear?

    Time to pay their fair share?

    Seems I recall not too long ago, the Columbian seeking a tax break to remain in business too.