Friday, May 13, 2011

So, what will a 5% tax do to movie tickets, fair tickets, golf tickets and the like?

The issue here is that Leavitt likes Baseball.  Stuart likes baseball as well.  Both of them like forcing us to pay for stuff THEY want... but let's look at the numbers, shall we?  They, along with Bomar are all Identity Vancouver Downtown Mafia types.

The sales tax we're already paying will be almost 14% if this crap passes.  Again, this provides additional incentive to just not go to the fair, to movies, to plays and certainly not to this baseball whorehouse.

Unless, of course, they exempt the Fair, but they wouldn't do that, would they?  Or is it that the Fair isn't "entertainment?"

Those of us who won't be going to the stadium for any reason, far outnumber those who will.  Yet, these scum have the idea that they should make us ALL pay for what THEY want.

Frankly, we have a great many more issues remaining unresolved here locally that these clowns SHOULD have been spending their time on.  Instead, they waste it by doing all they can to hurt the movie theaters as if they had ANYTHING to do with baseball.

Government arrogance and stupidity.  It's what's for dinner.

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