Friday, May 20, 2011

Will Stuart and Boldt sell us out on the ballpark? Of COURSE they will.

So, the ballparkers have been busily working behind our backs to jam this crap down our throats so we get to pay for their special deal. The split? 99% of us get to pay for a ballpark usable by 1%. 100% of us bear the responsibility for paying for this crap pile if Portland gets another AAA team... and all for the privilege of watching just barely out of high school baseball, baseball that people don't watch now at any of the schools in question.

We get to build this $23 million facility; they get to pay around $750 or so every day they play in it. That's "fair," isn't it?

Stuart and Boldt, who vote together 100% of the time like the good democrats they are, will certainly screw us, just like Stuart did when he lied about a vote on loot rail as part of his "Leavittesque" campaign strategy, wherein, like Leavitt, he would say or do anything to get elected, only to forget all about his promises the day after.

So now, we're confronted with this: will these two, with their proven lack of integrity, sell us out so Stuart and Bomar can watch baseball?

Will they jack the tax up beyond 5% so that all the other groups can suck out our tax dollars, all under the guise of the "public good?"

Absolutely. Expect this 5% to magically increase in order to shut the many other groups, much more deserving, up. In fact, I wouldn't at all be surprised if this scam was entirely to finance THOSE groups because, as we should all know by now, the primary purpose of all of this is to jam Yakima into selling THEIR soul to keep the team... a feat I sincerely hope they accomplish.

But if the Bobbsey Twins jam us with this tax; since there is no way Mielke will go along with them, hanging THEM out to dry, for once, instead of their usual course of the other way around; will it go away if the team stays in Yakima?

You know better then that.

So, when the vote takes place, expect Boldt to vote like he always does: democrat.... ramming yet another tax (this is certainly not the only one) down our throats.

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