Tuesday, May 17, 2011

KATU blows it on the baseball scam.

One of the basic tenets of journalism is to present both sides of a story.

This story puts out the pro-rip-off the public side reasonably well, but it's factually challenged on a few levels.  And, unfortunately, they failed to find anyone capable of countering Bomar's idiocy by pointing out that unless the people of this county are asked, extortion in the form of an involuntary tax is not the way to go.

I know, by now, that this "tax the movie tickets" scam was actually Steve "The Liar" Stuart's idea, so, along with his bridge and loot rail fetish, we have that to thank him for.

One of the talking heads remarks:"They might even get 14 or 1500 fans per game."

Think about it.

Presuming an average ticket prive of $10, that means that a crowd of 1500 will contribute a whole $750 towards the construction of this multi-million dollar waste of money.


That means that most movie theaters will provide more money from one day's take then all those in attendence at one of these ball games.

Multiply that by 38 games and those actually using the facility will be paying less than $30,000 a year for a $23 million facility.

Gee.  I wonder what the house payment would be for a $23 million house?  I bet it would be a heck of a lot more then the $2500 a month they're showing for this ball park.

That's "fair," isn't it?

The KATU story at 1:15 indicates that "taxpayers would be asked to invest a little more then 16 million in the project."

That's factually incorrect.

No one is "asking" us to "invest" anything. They're ramming this down our throats and no, we will not get to vote on it, although we could, easily, this summer during the already scheduled primary election in the first week of August.

Further, no one seems to be thinking about the traffic nightmare, the impact on the already strained student parking problems and, of course, the impacts if the equally moronic bridge replacement/loot rail scam goes through.

If this crap pile is to be built, the place to build it is the fair grounds... the team owners should pay for all of it, and we should put this to a vote.

Otherwise... maybe Asotin could use a minor league group of kids who just got out of high school?

Because WE can't.

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  1. Watching last nights council meeting, several council members expressed concerns over this. What will come of it remains to be seen.

    On a lighter note, also from last evening, Jeanne Harris reminiscing about another time they proposed a "theater tax" for something. The thought of it is our money seems to totally escape them.