Monday, May 16, 2011

Lew Waters: "C-Tran Board,'We Always Get Our Tax Increase'"

Lew Waters has done a well-reasoned, documented history of the violation of democratic principles, utilized by the arrogant, special interest driven downtown mafia infesting our community.

It's the history of how the powers-that-be screw the people of Clark County by cutting us out of the democratic process of voting... but not the extortive process of paying their taxes... precisely like scum such as Tim "The Liar" Leavitt are attempting to do to us now by doing everything they can to keep us from voting on this issue... because like CTran when they screwed us, he knows what the outcome would be with a county wide vote, and we certainly cannot let the will of the people get in the way of his superior wisdom and agenda.

Give it a read: 

C-Tran Board, “We Always Get Our Tax Increase”
When I review this stuff and see the horrific bastardization of democracy, a democracy I swore an oath to defend... I ask myself, why do we even bother?

Why bother to hold obviously rigged, corrupted elections?

How can we possibly walk away from recalling slime like Leavitt?

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