Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dear Yakima: You're kidding, right? (Do us a favor and PLEASE keep your baseball team.)

Dear Yakima,

My name is K.J. Hinton and I am one of the increasingly unfortunate to live in Clark County.

We have a wide variety of problems here with non-responsive government.  Our services are suffering, our cultural organizations which have , in many cases, existed for decades are going under, and those leading us have tin ears almost as well developed as the President, if that's possible.

Lately, the more gullible, including the mayor of Vancouver and at least one of out county commissioners, have been sucked into the baseball team's scam of playing one community off of another.  These people have gone so far as to demand that we tax movie tickets to support a ballpark that less then 1% of the people of Clark County could ever use at any one time... while 99% of us are on the hook to pay for it... and these people pay roughly $750 per game to use this $23 million facility.

In our county, where double digit unemployment is the norm, that kind of insanity cannot stand.

While the people of Clark County have many needs, kowtowing to special interests and the select few with a baseball fetish who somehow believe they have the right to ram this tax down our throat without our permission under some bizarre concept of "governance" and the "public good." 

Of course, those justifications could apply to ANY business coming here, yet oddly, that scam hasn't been tried to bring in, say, Boeing, or Ford or any other manufacturer, proving once again that this is the act of a select few who view themselves "privileged" to use us as serfs so they can have the game fields they want built, which will do absolutely nothing for this community as a whole and put the entire county on the hook for when these people screw us, as if they were dictators and more then the special interests of the downtown mafia.

This "let them eat cake" attitude is why I cordially detest and despise those governing us.

So, do us all a favor, and do whatever it takes to keep the team where you are.  And while you're at it, come and get these despicable characters shilling this crap.  Because if they truly believe that baseball is all that, then they surely would want to live where this barely above little league ball is played, sparing us their peculiar vision of empire building.



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