Monday, May 16, 2011

Laird's loot rail fetish: You love it so much, John? Then feel free to move.

I could really care less what people think in Hillsboro or Gresham.  Fortunately for us, our community is neither, and with even greater fortune, we don't reside anywhere in the train wreck known as "Oregon."

I frequently wonder: if everyone else is so very much more enlightened, and smarter than we are... then why don't you pick up your light rail infatuated butt and move over there?

Yeah.  That's right... get the hell out.

You tell us you were stupid enough to ride 66 miles on their waste of money.  Oddly, you don't mention how long that little sojourn took you.

Now... why is that?

And your moronic observation about what the passengers allegedly didn't say is just that: moronic.  It's kind of like saying that none of the idiots so giddy over only paying 5% of the cost of this baseball boondoggle would complain about the rest of us who'll never set foot in that cesspool paying the other 95%.

In other words, it's the typically stupid fixation on an agenda... an agenda that we don't want... and as time goes on, don't want even more... where hundreds of thousands of others who will not ever use this outmoded, obsolete, horrifically expensive to build and operate system have to pay for it.

Why WOULD those who benefit from the labors of so many others complain about how that extortion actually took place... and for that matter, based on the horrific subsidies, takes place now?


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