Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Here's hoping Yakima is successful: Yakima makes effort to keep Vancouver-bound team

Screwing the people of Clark County over jamming this baseball nonsense down our throats without our permission so Tim "The Liar" Leavitt, Steve "The Liar" Stuart and Mike "Who died and left him in charge" Bomar can look good is not a recipe for success.

The majority of this community opposes the plan to shaft us with this this idiotic concept where the one percent of Clark County who can actually attend a baseball game under this plan actually do so because the other 99% of us paid for the privilege.

For whatever the reason, Yakima wants to keep this team.  The owners, of course, knew that, so they scammed a few politically ignorant clowns into doing the dirty work for them.  Threaten to leave, open up a bidding war, and voilĂ !  Instant stadium.

Well, with any luck at all, Yakima will be successful.  If the people there want this team so bad, then let THEM pay for it.

And next time, Tim... Steve... Mike... don't be so ignorant that you can't even figure out you're being used.


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