Monday, May 9, 2011

More idiocy by the democratian: "Let's jack up ANOTHER tax in the midst of this horrific recession and double digit unemployment."

It's rare indeed when the local excuse for a paper doesn't babble SOME justification for most ALL tax increases.

But then, in the past, they've presented the "milk comes from Safeway instead of cows" proposition more than once.

The rag finds itself unable to grasp the concept of shared sacrifice and make do.  You know, like the rest of us?

Requiring county employees to pay 15% of their health care premiums would more then make up for this shortfall.

I know it: the rag knows it, and the commissioners, who allowed many county employees to scam us... again... on that issue (since most pay NOTHING for their health care benefits, unlike the rest of the planet) making this peculiar list of excuses to screw us... again... is just another set of smoke and mirrors.

We have  an ever-shrinking number of people to pay for an ever-increasing number of people, both in and out of government.  As long as the employees of the county continue to get absolutely free health care and continue to avoid their across-the-board pay cuts, I don't want to hear anything from anyone about yet another commissioner-imposed tax increase.

Man... it's a damned good thing Republicans run the commission.  Can you imagine the tax increases we'd have if they didn't?

What's that?  They're jacking up our taxes anyway?


Never mind.

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