Friday, May 27, 2011

Q&A with the Vancouver Scammer's baseball rip off.

Actually, there's something of a Q&A over on the Oregonian website from the clown doing his very best to jam this nonsensical ballpark idea down our throats.

It was self-serving pap and total softball, like you might expect when the newspaper has an advertising dog in the fight; after all, we don't want to chase away any opportunity for revenue, do we?

But the tough questions... the right questions... weren't asked:

Questions such as:
How do you feel about requiring hundreds of thousands of people to pay for your ball park? (No problem with it)

What about allowing the people the right to vote? (No need.  If I can buy off the county commissioners and have THEM require the tax, I wind up smelling like a rose.)

Who did you first contact, and how long have you been talking about this?  (Good question.  Won't answer.)

Why did you do this in secrecy?  (Oh.  That question was asked, he just provided a bogus, crappy, untrue answer.)

Have you done any feasibility studies? (No.)

What about charging $10 per ticket to pay for your ballpark?  (What?  Why make it harder to get people thru then gates as it is when I can get the other 425,000 suckers who won't ever come here to pay for it?)

How much are you going to charge everyone else to use your ballpark? (Wouldn't you like to know?)

How much are you going to make on concessions and parking?  (Enough for me to drop a multi-million dollar check on this deal)

How much are you paying for the property?  (Nothing)

Do you understand that you're doing your best to burden the population of an entire county to pay for your scam?  (As I said, I don't give a damn about the people of this county.  If I did, I'd demand the ticket buyers pay for this thing.)
Our so-called political leaders don't care about these issues.  If they did, the agreement would require an affirmative, county-wide vote.

But we are cursed with a political leadership that doesn't care about the people or our money.  They have an agenda, and what we think doesn't matter because they are SOOOO much smarter then we are.

And if the reporter who did this really wanted to drill down on this guy, these are the questions he would be asking.

He didn't.  And that speaks for itself.

The scam continues...

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