Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Do they always do drugs before they spew an editorial? The wheels come off the democratian bus with a moronic suggestion that children pay fares for school buses.

Odd, isn't it?  That despicable rag that begged, pleaded and sniveled to get it's own B&O tax cut while everyone else's was raised 20% or so never seems to have any problem with government jacking up OUR costs... across the spectrum.

Jack up the gas tax for a promised list of road improvements cut in half seconds after the vote?  The rag banged the drum on that like the fringe left were paying them.

Replacing a perfectly safe and serviceable bridge and ramming loot rail down our throats that they won't have to pay for?  Good God, how much would they have charged for their efforts that couldn't ever be called "journalism" with a straight face.

Downtown redevelopment on the taxpayer dole?  These scumbags actually SUPPORTED Vancouver's lawsuit against the voters... TWICE.

The list is endless.  So, when I saw the set up yesterday, I knew these scum were going to come out with some moronic call to make us pay even more then the thousands we already pay each year... an amount increased, at least in some part by the fact that we have to pay MORE because the stain on journalism get's to pay LESS.

As is their pattern, they leave out the fact, published in the story set up, that yes, the "paramount duty" does, in fact, include free to-the-rider bus service.

Good God.  These clowns are apparently unfamiliar with issues such as "recessions," unemployment, and "drop outs."  The only question these morons should have asked before the spewed this tripe was this: "If our idiotic editorial were ever to become policy... would such a policy make it LESS likely, or MORE likely that the education of our children will be improved?"

Will it do anything to address a problem far worse then this red herring, the horrific drop out rate of around 30%?  Will it fix the fact that many so-called high school graduates have to take remedial math classes in community college before they can even take 100 level courses?  Will it make it MORE likely, or LESS likely to improve the truancy rate?

This editorial made as much sense as the Moron-in-Chief lying about illegal aliens yesterday while he was spiking the bin Laden football instead of addressing the more mundane issues of a collapsing dollar, an economy he's helped to slaughter, a foreign policy that looks like the Marx brothers put it together on an off day and all of the many, far more important issues confronting us every day.

My kids no longer use school buses.  Nor, obviously, do the kids (assuming whoever wrote this tripe could have sex with someone enough to HAVE kids) of the moron who wrote this.

But unlike the scull who wrote this, MY concern is limited to how we can actually get our children educated... not how do we squeeze blood from the rocks in the foundation of those who actually would have to PAY the fees these clowns are shilling.

But then, this appears to be the modus operandi of these idiots:  No matter the cost, no matter the harm, no matter the burden they want OTHERS to pay... these slime will support it.

Because I STILL haven't seen these clowns do any in-depth reporting on the horrific impacts of blowing a $100,000,000 per year hole in our local economy as a result of their support of vacuuming that amount of money out of the pockets of the people and the businesses who depend on it.  

But the rag, who, as I've said, begged and pleaded for their OWN tax break to reduce THEIR costs, has absolutely no right or moral authority to do what they can to increase the costs of anyone else.

That they do make such demands shows and arrogance and hypocrisy that serves to confirm the cancerous impact they have on our community, and we will be well rid of them.

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