Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More from the cheerleading scum of the CRC and Tim "The Liar" Leavitt.

We know that the bridger/looters don't want us to have any say.  We know that because they are well aware that if this community were asked, we would yell a resounding "NO."

We know that Tim "The Liar" Leavitt, who has been a huge proponent of tolls and an equally huge proponent of shutting us out of the decision as to whether to build this thing or not, while he has been working his ass off to get this thing through... even though he knows we don't want it... as do all the slimeballs shilling this.

We know that Steve "The Liar" Stuart who's as much a scumbag as Leavitt, lying his ass off as a part of his campaign to get re-elected by promising us all a vote on this crap THIS November.

It was a lie when he said it, and it remains a lie now.  And is this where I remind you that Stuart was a major player in The Liar Leavitt's mayoral campaign?

Do you notice a similarity there, or is it just me?

We all know that Leavitt and the other bridger/looters are going to be stampeding this thing through without asking us.  We know that little worm lied to thousands of people who supported him over his position on tolling the bridge.  And now that whore has blackmailed the CRC into delaying... again... nailing down the vote (County or district) so Leavitt can continue to work to use the proven C-Tran dodge of putting the loot rail vote borders around every store in the county while cutting out tens of thousands of guaranteed no votes.

Stuart, on the other hand, says that he "wasn't comfortable using a subdistrict for the vote."


And Leavitt opposes tolls.

Does that mean that Stuart will threaten to use the COUNTY veto on anything EXCEPT a county wide vote?

Gee.  Was that possibility even mentioned in the article?

Like Leavitt, Stuart will change his position on the issue of a countywide vote.  He will make excuses that will sound strangely like the manure Leavitt trowels out in his complete failure of a justification for his dispicable flip and fraud on tolls and he will do absolutely nothing to stand in Leavitt's way because he'll finally admit that which we all already know: that this piece of crap has NO chance in a countywide vote.


So, we won't get one.  We'll get a replay of that despicable crap C-Trans pulled where something on the order of 68,000 voters were exccluded ONLY from having a say... but NOT on paying the tax.

Because that's what scum do.  And who better to know that then the two Liars, joined at the hip by their hypocrisy?

I, of course, will never vote for any tax increase involving CTrans, Clark County, or Vancouver as long as I live.

On the other hand, with scum like these, I seriously doubt we'll ever be asked.

And let me leave you all with this: If The Liar Leavitt and the scum swiming around in his sewage pool are successful on this garbage heap, then this is just the first of many projects where they will engage in extortion and strong arm tactics more reminiscent of the 3rd Reich then of the United States to always get what they want.

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  1. As I said, no vote, let it go broke.

    I too will not vote for any measure in support of C-Tran