Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Points to ponder - Look around you: When's the last time government solved a problem? Any problem?

So, as I look at the horrific bridge/loot rail project that will bury us in debt and provide a direct transportation line of Portland's substantial criminal population to victimize us here... all for a paltry $10 billion or so... while accomplishing absolutely nothing in the realm of freight mobility or congestion reduction... and I see the idiocy and arrogance of our political leaders at every level... Those who positively ooze slime like Tim "The Liar" Leavitt, Steve "The Liar" Stuart and the rest of the bridgers/looters who continue to do all they can to silence us, I have to ask:

If these scum and those like them know so much... then how come we've still got the same problems we had when these slimeballs were elected?

Tell me... what issues confronting us now... didn't confront us 10 years ago?  Aren't they the same... but only worse?

What's better?

What's been fixed?

Locally, county and city government have spent hundreds of millions of dollars over the last decade.  How have we benefited?

Out state government has spent billions on almost everything you can imagine... and it's never, ever enough.

Are our schools better?  Our roads?  Our infrastructure? 

Unions are at our throats like insatiable vampires.  They're a driving force behind the horrific and unneeded bridge/loot rail project... because, along with the companies that are going to rape us to build this and the other projects (Did you know the St. John's intersection, a wholly unneeded project that will gain next to nothing in comparison to it's cost, will, in fact, cost more to build then the Kingdome?) THEY are the ones who'll benefit by stealing our money.

And for what?

Once completed, the only two things we're going to have to show for it are a $10 billion minimum debt and an increased crime rate.

Yeah.  We sure should believe in government, right?  Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

BILLIONS spent.  And nothing solved.

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