Sunday, May 1, 2011

More pathetic Columbian bias: I-5 bridge lift leads to injury accident

We already know the rag has lied about the bridge, loot rail, polling and the complete lack of support within the community for any of this, outside the downtown mafia, Identity Vancouver and the special interests who stand to make a fortune off of us for this.

The rag, of course, has never missed the opportunity to slant a story, any story, in their despicable attempt to sway the plain-spoken, overwhelming, stated-at-the-polls opposition to their loot rail.

And today is no exception.

There was an accident on I-5.  Because a vehicle was traveling too fast to stop in time, it rear-ended another vehicle that had been stopped for one of the infrequent bridge lifts we cheerfully put up with in preference to wasting billions and billions of dollars and generational tolls instead.

The headline:

  I-5 bridge lift leads to injury accident


Like beds cause babies.

And kitchens cause obesity.

And frogs wouldn't bump their butts every time they jumped if they just had wings.

The entire cause of the accident, start to finish, was this:

Inattention, speed listed as cause

That much, of course, is correct.  The cause of the accident, as is typically the case for rear ending someone in a vehicle, was going too fast and not paying close enough attention.

Had the driver of the vehicle that caused the accident been going slower and paying attention... like everyone else there who wasn't involved in an accident...  there wouldn't have been any accident.

What "lead" to the accident was the clown who caused it.  Not the bridge lift.

The clown who wrote this knows that.  But that's not how the democratian rolls.

Nope.  This was another chance to lie, and they took it.

Why am I not surprised?
Two Vancouver residents were injured Sunday afternoon in a rear-end accident that resulted after an Interstate 5 drawbridge lift.
Deanna G. Parks, 41, and Krystal L. Harbison, 14, were being treated at Southwest Washington Medical Center, where a nursing supervisor said they were in satisfactory condition. They were complaining of neck and back pain.
The accident occurred about 1:15 p.m. in a southbound lane of Interstate 5 near Fourth Plain Boulevard. Traffic was very slow due to a previous drawbridge lift. Parks and Harbison were riding in a 2008 Dodge Caliber driven by Andrew W. Parks, 37, of Vancouver and were stopped in the second lane from the right when the Dodge was struck in the rear by a 1998 Ford Mustang. The driver of the Mustang was identified as Norman H. Minninger, 49, of Vancouver.
Neither man was injured, but Minninger was cited for drivng too fast, according to the State Patrol. Both vehicles were damaged but driveable. Inattention and speed were listed by the investigating officer as the causes of the wreck.