Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tim Eyman and the liars who oppose him, and the democratian's continuing failure to acknowledge local opposition.

So, the democratian finally gets around to telling us about Eyman's latest, I-1125, (On a Saturday, no less, the least read day of the week.) an initiative that would jam a stick in the spokes of the fringe-leftist whack jobs who want to ram multi-generational tolls down our collective throats for multi-billion dollar projects that the people... and the clowns shilling this do remember the people... don't you?  that is, that we do not want or need.

Tolls for these projects only work when the projects are needed, and only for the projects in question.  That is, communists like Moeller who want to extort permanent tolls like the Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge, both of which have been paid for multiple times, and both of which provide revenue for other projects, are lying when they tell us that:
“I don’t really see how Eyman’s initiative really benefits anybody. It seems like it’s actually anti-consumer,” Moeller said. “If you’re interested in people paying less for using the bridge in off-peak hours, why wouldn’t you be in favor of congestion pricing?”
Moeller said that instead, legislators would have to set tolls at a higher price around the clock to make sure that the state collects enough to make bond payments.
There's a far simpler way to deal with this issue, and save everyone the angst over the toll question here locally:

Don't build it.

Yeah, yeah, I know union bootlicks like Moeller will respond that without tolls, we can't build it.

And?  So what's his point?

In leaping over the obvious to oppose Eyman, Moeller forgets the fundamental basis to support him:  We do not need, want, or can afford this project.

Moeller goes on to lie:
Moeller said that won’t be the case, and pointed to studies done on State Route 167, where drivers can pay an average toll of 75 cents to $1 per trip to use “hot lanes” that move faster than regular traffic.
“The studies that they’ve done on the hot lanes, considered once to be ‘Lexus lanes’ that only the rich can pay for, (show that they) are being used by people who need to get to their job as soon as possible, or to pick up their kids,” he said. “Working families are using the lanes more often and more frequently because they have things they have to get to. It doesn’t sound like they’re being priced out of them at all.”
Says yet another bridger/looter who won't have to pay the toll to go to work. Figures don't lie, but liars figure, eh, Candy Man?

They also have alternative routes.  And is the single Mom, already hammered by reduced economic means, going to pay this $7 a day by being forced to go over this bridge that doesn't need to be replaced without being "priced out of SOMETHING?"

How easy it is for the slimier politicians among us, those so far out of touch with reality that it can't even be piped into them under pressure, to lie this way.
“I agree with that — I don’t think tolling funds should be moved to the general fund,” Rorabaugh said. “Funding or revenue needs for the bridge remain after it is built: You have to maintain it. Tolls are a user fee for maintenance. (Eyman’s initiative) makes no sense whatsoever to me.”
More lies from Thayer Rorabaugh, Vancouver's "Transportation Policy Director " (Whatever that is, except another 6 figure waste of money) who was interviewed as a reliable Sherpa for the project, even though Tim "The Liar" Leavitt has repeatedly assured us that Vancouver has no say in the issue of tolls, theoretically making Rorabaugh's babble as relevant and pertinent as my Cocker Spaniel's. who seems to think that the bridge will be so poorly built and have such horrifically high maintenance requirements that tolls have to continue just to keep it painted.

Kind of like Seattle's stadium taxes, right?  Those were supposed to go away after the stadiums were paid for... and how's that working out for us?


Take it out of the gas tax and the dozens of other fees you already hose us over.

Moeller, slimy as he is, moronically ends by telling us this:
“Mr. Eyman isn’t going to stop this bridge; he isn’t going to stop the 520 bridge,” he said. “He would claim it’s not his goal to stop the bridge. … It’s really just so he pays less.”
The idiocy of this kind of thought process cannot be overstated:  Moeller babbles this way because he really just wants us to pay more.  And like Eyman, Moeller will not be using either bridge to commute to work, therefore having been required to pay tens of thousands a year over their working lives to pay for projects we have no say over.

"It's really just so he pays less."

Eyman, of course, lives in Mukulteo.  He won't have to pay for the massive waste of money that is SR 520 any more than Moeller will have to pay for the massive waste of money that is the CRC.  But that doesn't stop Moeller from lying and demonizing the opposition.

And then, of course, we can look at the complete lack of comment from anyone opposed to this horrific project, because, hey... we can't ever give anyone opposed to the rag's agenda have any say... can we?

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