Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Could the local rag BE any more out of touch? Sure, let the fiscal crack addicts run the drug store, and name the prices.

Having long since abandoned any pretense of fairness (Their ongoing Jim Jacks cover up) or objectivity (Their burning desire to build a horrifically expensive, unneeded and unwanted bridge without a vote) it's no surprise that the morons at the rag would again find a way to support increasing our costs for government services... having been the recipient of a massive tax CUT at the same time those of us in small business had to maintain a massive tax INCREASE, in part as a result of the rag's smaller tax footprint.

Given the Clueless Chronicles desire to bury a huge segment of our population under a life-long, multi-generational series of ever increasing tolls set by an unelected board, should anyone be stunned that they would want to take the costs of tuition out of the hands of those who could be held accountable at the polls and put that figure into the hands of yet another group of unelected bureaucrats?

The rag spews:

The question now is: Will the institutions make those increases even more painful? We don’t know, but we like the idea of educators and administrators — not politicians — determining tuition costs.
The idiocy of such a statement cannot be overstated.

Here, let me help with that:

We like the idea of WADOT determining gas taxes.

We like the idea of builders determining impact fees.

We like the idea of the police determining fines for speeding.

We like the idea of stores determining the sales tax.

We like the idea of anyone that can't be held accountable directly setting any mandatory cost they please.


Here's another clue: The universities in question are not private institutions.  And allowing them to set tuition makes nop more sense then allowing the clerk at DMV to determine what a driver's license should cost.

Will these institutions make it more painful?  A 40% increase over the last 3 years in a recession economy (Unopposed by this birdcage liner, to be sure) is agony as it is.  The idea that the liar who wrote this crap "doesn't know" if it's going to get worse is typical of the delusion within the rag; a delusion they foist on us most every day under the guise of "journalism."

That they like the idea of the junkies managing the drugstore is easy for them.  That they whine about a $5.1 billion deficit... a deficit THEIR tax cut helps to create?  Well, that's just the kind of hypocrisy we're used to from these clowns.

Throwing money at problems... particularly when it isn't THEIR money, is what fringe leftists like those infesting the rag are all about.

So, I wasn't shocked that the stain on journalism would support the legalization of this fiscal crack.  Nor was I surprised that they would downplay the reality of the institutions... because the while they wrote that tuition had gone up 30% in two years, the reality is that it's actually gone up 40% in three years... but let's not cloud the issue with all of the facts, shall we?

That Washington is "one of the few states that (Fill in the blank)" is a meaningless argument that supports or justifies absolutely nothing.  That we are one of the few states that get it right is an argument for the others to join us... not the other way around.

That the rag supports making higher education unaffordable does not surprise; that they would throw the $5.1 billion dollar figure around as if that money was related directly to higher ed is typical of their eyewash: the reality is a much smaller number then that applies to higher ed, but hey, why use a smaller truthful number when you can use a much bigger, splashier lie?

Like the issue of tolls, the rag doesn't care how much debt is heaped on the people of this community.  This plan will result in college graduates who will have to work for longer then the 4 years typically required to earn a degree to pay it back, and the local stain on journalism could care less.... because the concept of diminishing returns and the idea of making it impossible for normal people to afford college is simply beyond their comprehension.

No... there is no excuse for this.  The universities have not made the commensurate cuts the rest of us have as a result of our financial situation; instead of showing empathy and find ways to make our current situation work, they rely on their lackeys like the newspapers to get together and squeeze the public they are there to serve without realizing that the more these morons rob the people for tuition, the more their budgets will be cut by the legislature... so it's not like this is some sort of zero-plus game... because as far as the bottom line for the schools are concerned?  It won't make any difference at all.

But the rag, which has aircraft carrier-sized blinders on, is unable to see that the results of this policy will be fewer students, with a dumbing down of society because they simply cannot grasp that if society is goi9ng to benefit as a whole, then society must5 bear the lion's share of the cost.  And when society doesn't have the wherewithal, then the colleges have to find a way to muddle through on their own.  And if those leading these schools can't find a way to make it happen, then they need to be fired and replaced with people who can.

The last thing we need is to double tuition, which will lead to doubling the student/family debt.  But then, as these morons proved yesterday with their idiotic call to charge parents for their kids to ride to school, GUARANTEEING a higher truancy and drop out rate, they don't really give a damn about the outcomes.

Again, this despicable rag has no moral authority to demand that OTHERS pay more when they worked so hard and ultimately succeeded in paying much less with their reduced B&O tax.

Its just sad that such idiocy has such a large platform to babble from, as if their perspective represented any one's but the fringe left's they so admire and emulate.

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