Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Troubling news from the VanVoice Blotter on the stadium scam: Conflicting statements impede trust in stadium discussion

Marcus Griffith is on the case:




    So easy a blogger could do it...

    But, who wants to wind down their's more fun to spout crap, right? This just makes him look silly, as the data was hiding out in plain sight...

    Greg Owens

  2. Greg! Still love the idea of forcing everyone else o pay for the ballpark YOU want, eh?

    Proud of yourself are you? And when are YOU going to wind down YOUR rhetoric, eh? Or is that only a one-sided proposition?

    You completely blow by the following: The availability of these "facts" AFTER Arp was caught lying doesn't change anything when it comes to the basis for Marcus's article.

    What it all boils down to is this: You and the team wants to put the entire county on the hook for YOUR ballpark that will only benefit the chosen few.

    YOU want US to pay for YOUR hobby.

    How fringe-leftist of you.

    And, BTW? the more important issue wasn't the still-questionable nature of the data, it was that your boy lied about it, proving once again the old axiom that figures don't lie... but liars figure.

    By the way, how's it going to feel if, as they want, the team winds up staying in Yakima having used us as a foil to get what they want?