Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fascinating hypocrisy by the democratian: Ridgefield military wife’s blog a ‘secret’ no more.

When it comes to taking care of friends and doing everything they can to spitefully destroy enemies, the democratian is hard to beat.

The democratian published a nice puff piece about Lori Volkman's Military Spouse Blog, which is as fine a piece of work as I ever seen concerning that particular meme.

So, what's my beef?  What's the problem?

“Some portions are rather raw in terms of the emotions we’ve been experiencing,” said Volkman, 40. “But it’s important for the public to see what sacrifices military families go through.”
Volkman, who works for the Clark County Prosecutor’s Office, is more likely to introduce herself as an attorney than as a blogger. But in the hours after her 5-year-old son Cooper and 8-year-old daughter Olivia go to bed, she taps away at a keyboard as a sort of therapy.


Her blog can be emotionally "raw?"  Seriously?

She "taps away at a keyboard as a sort of therapy."


And the rag loves her for it?

Gee.  I wonder...

The odd part, of course, is that my blog started the same way, for the same reasons.  The only thing different?

The subject matter.

I rage against the machine of political arrogance, incompetence and tyranny; efforts fostered by the local rag which continually fails to apply anything close to the same level of scrutiny to their "friends" and agenda "water carriers" as they do to those wise enough to oppose their particular utopian vision... most recently actively engaging in a cover up for former state representative Jim Jacks, whose misconduct-driven resignation from the House of Representative continues to remain unaddressed by the local rag.

The hypocrisy is clear. 

I have to say that I have no clue as to who Volkman is.  Never met her... never saw her.  She works out of democrat thug Prosecutor TV Tony Golik's shop, and the rag's love affair with Golik was, well, bizarre.

But the fact is this:  My meager effort, which focuses on the abrogation of responsibility by both elected officials and the local excuse for what passes as a daily newspaper, flew under their radar for a number of years; frequently used as an internal story source and now, on track for an over all 60,000 or so visit year... visited by the rag several times a day...  and personal piñata of Lou Brancaccio.

So, why the free publicity for Volkman, as well deserved as it may be, while the rag's efforts to heap scorn and derision on me continue?

Well, gee.  I wonder.

But there can be no doubt as to their motivation.

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