Monday, May 16, 2011

More baseball slime.

You know, to listen to the scum behind the baseball scam, it's one of those, "well, gee, everyone else is doing it" kind of thing when it comes to stuffing a 5% entertainment tax down our throats.

It isn't, of course, and that other communities are stupid enough to engage in this perfidy, there's a couple of things the relatively one-sided article (You know, the usual democratian fare) forgot to mention:

First, the fact that this is being jammed down our throats is to insure that there's no time for any organized opposition.

Frankly, this is not a pressing need of any kind; that they "want" this ready in time for the start of opening day next year provides absolutely no reason or justification for ignoring what THE PEOPLE want.  But that's why people like Tim "The Liar" Leavitt are in such a hurry: because he knows his involvement is, in and of itself, reason enough to oppose this garbage.

But in this case, the main reason to oppose this crap is because 99% of us will be required to pay for a facility that only 1% of us could ever use at any one time.

That these punks would force us to pay this?  That Elie Kasab doesn't understand that adding this tax will increase the likelihood that fewer people will attend his, or any other, theater (I know *I* won't) in Clark County just goes to show the disease that is the downtown mafia's tentacles spread everywhere.

Second, there is absolutely NOTHING out there to suggest that the people of this community support this idea.  And isn't about time that we get asked?  Just for th4e sheer novelty of it?

Third, if these slimeballs get away with this, there's no telling what they'll steal from us next... all under the heading "quality of life."

Kudo's to Jack Burkman for stating the obvious:
Vancouver City Councilor Jack Burkman brought the point up during Monday night’s city council meeting. Burkman, who is also a Clark College trustee, said he would recuse himself from any discussions on the Clark College board regarding baseball.
While he said the idea of baseball in the city is a “phenomenal” idea, he criticized the project’s “fast” timeline to break ground in August and said neighborhoods were “blindsided” by the proposal.
He touched on the fact that an entertainment tax could be used for any purpose.
“I believe we’re obligated to have a conversation with citizens about whether we should impose this tax on them, and if this is the best use of those funds,” Burkman said.
This rip off needs to be put to a vote.  And the commissioners know that.

Will they have the guts to stand up to this crap storm of corruption?

Not One Taxpayer Dime for a Stadium in Vancouver.

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