Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm stunned. You stunned? The democratian: BRING ON THOSE TICKET TAXES TO PAY FOR LEAVITT'S STADIUM!

Given the local stain on journalism's history of supporting efforts to force people to pay for something they don't need, won't use, and don't want, is anyone surprised these scum came out "swinging" to impose yet another tax on us without our permission?

It's not that the rag is so predictable; there lack they really don't care how many or how much people get hurt in the name of their agenda.  Leavitt's and Bomar's unhanded, back door, smoke-filled crap is par for their course, and the rag going along like a blind duckling is precisely what we expected them to do.

The rag's knee-pad editorial, where they obscenely refused to address the two obvious issues: first, why the hell should people outside the city of Vancouver pay one dime of taxpayer money for this folly, particularly without asking us, and second, why anyone getting a movie ticket should have to pay for baseball... again, without asking.

They don't explain why the people who will NOT be attending these games, as I will never attend them, should be responsible for NINETY FIVE PERCENT (let me repeat that) NINETY FIVE PERCENT of the costs of this crap pile.

The stupidity of the asshat who wrote the obscene editorial cannot be overstated:
 Unlike a sales tax or a property tax, this shouldn’t be taking bread and milk off your table.
Unlike a sales tax or property tax, no one is ASKING us if we WANT an increase.

Is this where I point out how bizarre this "reasoning" truly is?

These people telling us this have no problem demanding the imposition of tolls for a bridge replacement we neither need OR want that WILL "take bread and milk off our tables," to the tune of thousands of dollars over time. So, THAT "reasoning" is no "reasoning" at all.

This position then, is just the TINIEST bit hypocritical.  But it's the democratian, so what else could we expect?

Build this.  But ASK US if WE want to PAY for it FIRST.

If this is such a great idea, you'll have no trouble convincing us... and we'll happily vote to further shackle ourselves to your utopian agenda.

No vote?

No tax.

Which begs the question: why is our paper... and our government... so afraid of the will of the people they would govern?

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